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9 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching Fire Island

Beaches + drama + beautiful people = binge-watch worthy television.

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Fire Island recently premiered on Logo. The show follow 6 gay men, both friends and roommates, as they trek through the speedo- and boy-laden beaches for the summer. If you're still not convinced on watching it, here a few reasons on why you should.

1. The guys are great to look at.

*heart eyes emoji*

2. ...I mean, c'moooonnn.

*heart eyes emoji x2*

3. You also get a look into the history of Fire Island.

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Reality tv and LGBTQ history? This must be heaven.

4. It's like a shadier version of Jersey Shore.

I'm going to Fire Island, biiiiiitch!

5. And sometimes the guys are actually deep.

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We feel you, guys. We feel you.

6. ...And sometimes they have conversations like this:

The shaaaaaaade.

7. The drama can be a bit much sometimes...

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8. ...BUT Fire Island is the summer adventure you and your friends wish you could have.

*sobs because poor*
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*sobs because poor*

9. P.S., did we mention that Kelly Ripa is an executive producer?


So basically, it's the guilty pleasure show we all didn't know we needed.

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