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Updated on Nov 17, 2018. Posted on Jun 18, 2017

17 Fake Deep Things You Did In High School

No shade, but you were the worst type of person in high school.

1. Called yourself a "loner." / Via GIPHY

Everyone rolled their eyes at you behind your back.

2. Prefered the "classics" over YA novels.

Warner Bros. Television / Via

You read The Tempest, once Brody! Just pick up your copy of Twilight and go.

3. Only listened to indie music.

David Firth / Via

IDK who these guys are, but you probably stanned them because they only had five other stans.

4. Reacted like this EVERY time you watched The Perks of Being a Wallflower, which was every day.

Oxygen / Via

You felt infinite, we felt annoyed.

5. Had a ~private~ Tumblr.

Nickelodeon / Via

The one where you reblogged aesthetically pleasing photos between the Supernatural and One Direction fan fiction you wrote.

6. Wrote "thought-out" FB posts that looked like this...

7. ...Or just song lyrics that resonated with you.

Allison Daniel / Facebook / Via

Sometimes they were pick me ups, but they were mostly "angsty."

8. But sometimes you complained about the "controlling grasp" of social media (on social media).

Lay Dash / Facebook / Via

9. Wore ironic t-shirts (mostly about tacos).

Pinterest / Via

The only awko-taco moment you had was when your friends told you to stop dressing like a five year old.

10. You also wrote poetry.

Summit Entertainment / Via

And they couldn't rhyme because "real poets don't rhyme."

11. Write on your Converses.

teepott / YouTube

We get it -- you were an undiscovered artiste.

12. Quoted the one philosopher/"fancy" guy you knew.

The Odyssey / Via

We're guessing you had to use BrainyQuotes to memorize them, too.

13. Wore glasses (with no prescription).

Theo Wargo / Getty Images

Having poor eye sight isn't edgy, Susan, and neither are you.

14. You thought Jaden Smith was a trail blazer in society.

If I Had A Nickel For Every Time I've Cried In The Back Of An Uber, I Would Have Another Pair Of Yeezy's.

Jaden Smith / Via

...Even though he's literally a fetus.

15. All of your political ideas were only from The Daily Show.

Comedy Central / Via

Jon Stewart is great, but you're not political scientist-levels of smart because you watched him.

16. All of your photos were of you looking in the opposite direction of the camera.

Wikimedia Commons

Extra points if you ever said "Every time you take a selfie, a part of your soul dies."

17. In short, you thought of yourself as "misunderstood," when in actuality, you were very unoriginal.


Thank god you stopped.

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