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Gig Economy : The Future of Workforce

We are living in a era where almost everything is becoming the part of Digital revolution right from finding a date to finding a job everything is just a click away. One area that has witness the biggest boost of online revolution is the jobs area. Thanks to the new ventures that now it has become so easy to find a new job or to find a new employee. These online platforms have created the bridge for a job seeker to meet the job provider and vice versa. One interesting concept that really has grabbed the eye balls apart from these traditional job searching platforms is the Gig platforms. Gig Platforms are basically a platform where you sell your service as a product and put a price tag on it. In recent years, it has been noticed that this type of working vertical is facing a massive upraise. According to the Statistics more than 35% of the U.S Employees are Self-employed and this number is expected to get double by 2025 which is really huge. Same Scenario is in developing countries such as India or China where job finders are more than vacancy available. These issues have really acted as a catalyst in growth of these freelancing platforms. In addition to that the thing which is really fascinating is that every Skill has a market. If you are an android or ios developer you can head towards a marketplace that deal with only that niche which makes it easy for you to find the project and make long term clients in this one can earn a living doing freelancing works on short term projects . In last few years, people are exploring such platforms that can help them monetize their skills and make a living out of it while sitting at home. Some platforms made it and some didn’t. One such platform is Fiverr from where you can buy digital services for as low as $5 and one is Yolancer which is aSEO Service Marketplace Every platform has their own pros and cons but the purpose of all is to help people become self employed. The growth in Gig Economy is there and it can’t be neglected but the rising concern is that major part of the workforce will be of Freelancers or Self employed. So, there is a need to have laws and regulating bodies that can have some standard law regarding this like setting up the minimum wages and insurance policies . Every time a new era comes it is questioned but later people slowly adapt it and become part of it and perhaps same goes with the Gig Economy.

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