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Hotel Reputation Management Tactics

In our other articles, we have briefly discussed about what hotel reputation management is and what is its importance. But how to implement the system is also very important to know for hotel owners. Because implementing it properly will allow them to get most of the benefit in terms of revenues and marketing. So, in this article we ask Repair Bad Reputation to help you tackle the consumers that are empowered by the technology and will help you to build an appropriate online reputation to stay ahead from your competitors. To make sure that your online reputation drive guests to your hotel you can take help of the following tactics.

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Claim your business listings by yourself:

Most of the hotel owners don’t knows this but there can be a probability that your hotel is already listed on social media and other reviews platforms. And if you don’t own it then you have to claim it first. This will give you the control over what guests says about your hotel and then you can listen to their conversation and can respond to their feedbacks. But first plant your flag on your digital property and set it accordingly. This is the best way to get more potential customers.

Use high quality photos of the hotel to get noticed:

As people will be seeing your hotel through the eyes of the internet, you have to provide them with the proper visual. Take high quality photos of your hotel and upload them on your business listings to help people in making their decision. According to a report, hotels with good pictures can increase their chances of getting selected up to 225 percent. Even the number of queries decreases when you upload proper pictures of the hotel.

Be with your guest as much as possible:


For a good reputation, you have to make your guest feel honored. It is a false strategy for a hotel manager to remain in the office all the time. He or she needs to be present in the lobby. This way he can connect with guests and can work for the best experience of the guest.

Similarly, on the online world, you have to be there to answer the queries and to help them in making their booking decisions. You have to engage in the conversations to build a strong reputation of the hotel.

Track the reviews

. As you know that hotel reputation management helps the owners to enhance their services. But to do that you have to track the response of your guests from online. By knowing their response, you can increase the customer lifetime value. Perceptions will improve immediately and then you can turn casual browsers to actual guests.

Also respond to those reviews and comments. You can protect your hotel reputation by letting them know about the actual reason, if there is any inconvenience. This will show people that you appreciate reviews and works to make them better. Saying thank you in the reply is the best way to do it.

reviews Share your best

Although you cannot make everyone happy but try to keep most of them happy. This will result in positive reviews and feedbacks and you have to count on them. In case your hotel is receiving 5 star ratings on the consistent basis then don’t hesitate to show it off. Share it to the social media platforms and on your company blogs. The key is to get the reviews on the continuous basis. Don’t restrict your business in getting reviews for a specific time. Let your customers to share their views on the constant basis.

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