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Giulia Governo Journey To Be a Cinematographer

Have you ever watched a movie and stumbled upon a shot that was so breath-taking you thought to yourself, “Wow, that was gorgeous!”? Well, behind that gorgeous angle was a cinematographer. Perhaps not necessarily operating the camera but at least “painting” the look. Here’s what the cinematographer does. There are many jobs in the filmmaking process. It all starts with a script, a story waiting to be told. Then there’s the director, the visionary, the person with the plan. But we all know that filmmaking is highly collaborative, so a team begins to emerge, with a group of like-minded artists all striving towards the same goal. You’ve got your art directors and production designers, and new worlds are created. You’ve got your editors, who lovingly craft the footage into the final piece of art. You’ve got your makeup artists and VFX artists and loads of other craftspeople who ultimately shape the film in some unique way. And then there’s the cinematographer, the person behind the lens. But what exactly does a cinematographer do, and what does it mean to be a cinematographer? So there is a name who is passionate for cinematography and she is Giulia Governo .she craft images from scratch — with the help of the art department — and use the tools at our disposal in order to ensure that the images not only drive the story but that the images themselves are inherently meaningful in some way or another. It’s all about having a unique vision for what you are creating, then using your knowledge of lighting, lenses, composition, etc in order to fulfill that vision.

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About Giulia Governo and her cinematography


She was born and raised in Turin, Italy where she attended the European Institute of Design to study photography, and then she moved to the United States to pursue cinematography at the New York Film Academy and takes a graduation degree With degrees in photography and cinematography, Giulia already boasts a strong technical background. She has photographed independent productions, numerous short and a feature, Broken Angels that is now on the Festival circuit. Her style is much like her manner: natural and melodic. She likes to paint in light strokes subtle enough as to not be distracting, but impactful enough to buffer stories to life.Her work for as a cinematographer and art and her hard work show in her cinematography, to check her video

Through her cinematography, she hopes to transport viewers outside of themselves. Much like the travels that have shaped her keen eye she aims to help minds wander and be wrapped up in the lyricism of visuals. It is both the romanticism of the city’s cinematic legacy and the production opportunities it, offers that have led Giulia to call Los Angeles home.

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