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4 Tips For Eating Organic On A Budget

USDA certified organic meats and groceries have several significant proven health benefits. Organic foods, cultivated without the use of antibiotics, growth hormones, preservatives, and pesticides aren't just fresher and more flavorful; these products are better for both the environment and our bodies. Organic farming often has a minimized carbon footprint compared to traditional agricultural tactics. Likewise, consuming all natural items can be richer in certain nutrients, heart-healthy fats, and may reduce the risk of a wide range of health conditions.

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With so many potential advantages, why then, are some still hesitant to include certified organic foods in their diets? Oftentimes, consumers view perceived cost as a potential obstacle standing between their families and these naturally farmed fares. Yes, in general, organic meats and provisions are more expensive than their conventionally grown counterparts. However, it is possible to purchase these healthful items, no matter what your current grocery budget. Knowing a few effective tips can help you cut costs as needed to ensure organic meals are on heavy rotation at your dining table.

Plan In Advance


Taking the time to plan out your weekly meals can have a major impact on keeping expenses in check. At the beginning of each week, outline daily menus so you know exactly which ingredients you will need. Having a plan keeps you focused on spending your money where it's needed as well as reduces the chance of last minute impulse buys.

Pay Attention To Portion Size


Working with a designated budget means you want to pay careful attention to serving size on everything purchased to minimize waste. This can prove particularly effective when it comes to meat, which is often the biggest ticket item in your shopping cart. Look for a provider that offers individually wrapped servings so you can ensure you and your family eat exactly what's been purchased week-to-week without spending money on foods that may otherwise end up uneaten and discarded. When picking a vendor, make sure you're only paying for the meat itself to further increase the value of your purchase. Never pay extra for water content in the packaging or fat on the cut of meat. Also, sometimes a bone-in cut adds flavor to the product; however other times the bone is completely unnecessary yet still may add to the final price. Do some preliminary research so you can make an informed decision when you're ready to buy.

Make The Freezer Your Friend

Your freezer can help you save significantly on organic foods in two important ways. First, planning and watching serving sizes alone may not eliminate leftovers completely. When purchasing meats, look for items that are already wrapped and ready for freezing should you not be able to consume them in time – it's a quick fix that instantly saves money on the following week's bill. Additionally, whenever possible, buy already frozen certified-organic produce. In many cases, not only is buying frozen fruits and vegetables less expensive than buying fresh, the frozen version also offers just as many nutrients.

Prioritize Your Shopping List

If you still feel like you're stretching your grocery budget too thin, it's time to prioritize your weekly shopping list. In general, animal products are usually the most important to buy organic due to the concentrations of pesticides, antibiotics, and growth hormones used throughout its lifecycle. Focus on buying USDA certified organic meats, cheese, butter, yogurt, eggs, and milk to reap the benefits offered from these healthier options.

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