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Cloud Vs Local Computing

Since I started Webhostingology it appears that I have become the “go-to” person for matters related to webhosting and cloud computing. One of the most common questions people ask is about the difference between cloud computing and local computing. Cloud computing is all the rage at the moment. And if you think that it’s just an internet fad that is soon going away, then you need to understand that cloud computing is here to stay. But in understanding cloud computing, you have to start somewhere.

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Cloud Computing Efficiency


A better approach, I believe, is to contrast cloud computing and local computing. Don’t worry, both terms will be explained just in case you are not aware what local computing means either.

Local computing is simple – it means that you are using software that is installed on the computer you are using. You might have heard of terms like local storage, whereby this phrase refers to the storage device installed in your computer.

This form of computing is all people knew for years. Everything stored on the computer was easy to access. And then cloud computing came along.

With this form of computing, the software you use is not stored on your computer. In other words, it is not stored locally. Instead, it is located in a server. It is this computing setup that is called cloud computing.

Therefore, with cloud computing, the programs and files you use are not located in the memory of the computer sitting in front of you. And bridging the gap between the computer you are using and the remote servers on which the files and programs are stored is an internet connection.

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