The Secret Origin Of Cats

Who are our feline friends and how did they get here?

1. We know cats came from outer space.

Andy Freeberg / Via

2. But the truth goes much further.

tracyvanity / Tumblr / Via

3. Cats are actually multidimensional beings of cosmic energy from a parallel dimension.

Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim / Via

4. Here is a cat in its true form.

fuckyeahrobotcat / Tumblr / Via

This rare image is not meant for long expose to human eyes.

Look away now to keep your sight.

5. The most powerful of cats travel to Earth via the Bifröst.

Paramount Pictures / Via

6. This method of travel was accidentally revealed to us by Nyan cat.

Christopher Torres and Charles Schmidt / Via

7. Upon arrival they must choose a mortal form.

8. Becoming corporeal can be very traumatic for them.

coalitiongirl / Tumblr / Via

That’s why they demand we comfort them through petting and nuzzles.

9. However, the typical house cat uses a more common method of interdimensional travel: The Box.

omgcatsinspace / Tumblr / Via

Although slower, it gives them more time to prepare their Earthly form.

10. Arrival by Box has become the preferred method of travel today.

13. Even Maru now prefers Box travel over the Bifröst.

14. Also, some cats are part Time Lord.

cockleshells / Tumblr / Via

They travel by mini-Tardis, which are of course just boxes that are bigger on the inside.

15. And now you know the secret origin of cats.

The End

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