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How To Live A Good And Happy Life

Sage advice from a super Corgi!

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"Hi! I'm Jojo, THE SUPER CORGI!"

"I live in San Diego with my mom Josephine. And I have some advice on how you, too, can live a good and happy life just like me!"

"My friend Gandhi once said, 'The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.'"

"I'm a certified emotional therapy dog and I love to work with our service members!"

"Volunteer to help an organization or cause that you love!"

"I volunteer weekly at the USO and devote my time to keeping a smile on the new military recruits and transiting military who come through the door daily!"

"Next, let some Disney into your life!"

"My mom and I visit Disneyland whenever we can!"

"Try to make new friends wherever you go!"

"But always keep your old friends!"

"Share smiles and secrets with your besties!"

"Goofy did what?! No way!"

"Be fair and friendly to all you encounter throughout the realm!"

"Help others in need!"

"It's okay, princess! I'm here now."

"Be a safe driver!"

"Or better yet take public transportation whenever you can!"

"Confront the obstacles in your way!"

"Emperor Zurg stood no chance against me and my mom!"

"Travel to far off lands and adventure whenever possible!"

"Enjoy and appreciate nature!"

"Don't lift your leg on a tree, wrap your paws around it!"

"You can be happy wherever you are!"

"Check me out, ladies. I'm at the beach!"

"Learn to cook! Everybody loves a good cook!"

"Check out my ham!"

"Enjoy brunch with your friends!"

"Mimosas, anyone?"

"Order dessert on occasion!"

"Puppuccinos are the best!"

"Work hard, play hard!"

"Cha-Ching! $$$!"

"Exercise regularly!"

"You know what my favorite yoga pose is? Downward Dog! Teeheehee!"

"Be spontaneous!"

"See a fountain - jump in it - I mean, why not?"

"Let yourself be silly!"

"Laughter is the best medicine!"

"Act like the star you are!"

"But don't be a diva! ;-)"

"Tell your friends you love them!"

"<3s for everyone!"

"And wear your winning smile!"

"Spend some time in the sun!"

"But don't forget your SPF 100!"

"Face your fears and try new things!"

"Surfing is fun and anyone can do it!"

"Find a hobby!"

"I like to go paddle boarding!"

"And just BE PAWESOME!"

"Here I am being awesome! You can be awesome with me on Instagram @supercorgi_jojo :-)"

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