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13 Socially Awkward Animals With Ultimate Creeper Tendencies

Even our best friends in the animal kingdom do the creep.

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1. This lemur that wants to share your lane at the swimming pool.

2. This bunny that tries too hard to master the art of smiling.


3. This llama that really does not appreciate it when you watch her eat.

4. This hamster that is clearly plotting against you.

5. This dog at his yearbook photo shoot.

6. This bird that wants to show you the netherworld.

7. This stampede of hungry guinea pigs that obviously don't understand the concept of a queue.

8. This owl who is in desperate need of an exorcism.

9. This hippo happily demonstrating the intense crushing power of her jaw.

10. This bush baby who can't stop making big eyes at everything.

11. This cat who just wants to watch you sleep.

12. This chimpanzee trying to emulate humans on Halloween.

13. This hamster who just wants to show you his unique collection...



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