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    14 Times A Character Played By Adam Driver Proved To Be Just Too Relatable

    "You destroyed my heart... thanks."

    1. When he said what everyone is currently thinking.

    2. When he perfectly described relationships today.

    3. His reaction after a tough breakup.

    4. That moment when your roommate eats your leftovers in the fridge.

    5. When you have to try to keep your cool when someone eats your food.

    6. When you're dramatically recounting your current life struggles to your parents.

    7. When it's Friday and your boss gives you a ton of work at the last minute.

    8. The frustration he had when technology failed him.

    9. The joy you feel when your friends finally arrive to the party.

    10. When the truth hurts, but you need to pretend that you're fine.

    11. When he asked the question everyone wants to hear.

    12. When you try to play it off cool in front of your crush but it backfires.

    13. When you're running away from a drunk mistake like he did in this SNL sketch.

    14. And finally, his perfect display of the level of excitement we've all felt on our first day as an intern.