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    25 Places To Buy Affordable Rugs To Give Your Home The Coziest Of Upgrades

    This guide's got you (and your home) covered.

    1. Wayfair has so many options to choose from and features product pages with reviews left by shoppers (often with photos) for you to get a better feel of what the rugs would look like IRL. No matter what aesthetic you want to achieve, this site will most likely carry it.

    2. Target offers a mix of in-house brands with a variety of rug styles to suit different tastes including modern-chic-inspired designs, minimalist, bohemian-inspired, and more that won't break the bank.

    3. All Modern brings together a wide range of modern and abstract options if you've been searching for textured prints, so you can incorporate some trendy statement pieces without burning a hole in your wallet.

    Pink, orange, and navy vintage-inspired rug with tassels next to a yellow, cream, and navy abstract rug

    4. Rugs USA does a nice job of providing you with a large inventory that ranges from simple to more statement pieces. If you're looking for something more vintage or contemporary, they've got you (and your floors) covered.

    5. Ruggable has rugs that could probably stand some beating up. Each one is machine washable, allowing you to throw it in the wash when it just needs that extra clean feel. The options they have are also superb featuring a variety of prints, sizes, and shapes to reach a wide range of tastes.

    6. Revival will help breathe new life into your home with a selection of handmade rugs that feature vintage-inspired designs and a gorgeous mix of collections ranging from vibrant overdyed picks to distressed pieces your floors will be overjoyed to be covered with.

    7. Aria Homes is a small Etsy shop that is a must-visit if you want a rug that guests won't forget. If you're in the market for a fresh rug for your child's room, there are plenty of options to scroll through, including animal and bright shape-inspired pieces that are both soft and affordable.

    Multi-colored square rug in front of hot pink chair next to tiger-shaped rug in front of a plant

    8. Urban Outfitters allows you to achieve an effortlessly cool vibe through their selection of trendy statement rugs you probably won't find anywhere else. Choose from a selection of shapes, designs, patterns, and even type of rug to give your home a *hip* upgrade.

    Yellow and black circle smiley face rug next to a pink, blue, purple, and red tufted rug

    9. Tumble is ideal for anyone who's always wanted a rug but is prone to spilling their wine everywhere. Every rug is not only washable but spill-proof too, so these can basically take a beating. The prints they offer are cute too, so whether you want to lean into a minimalist look or desire a talking piece, they've got you covered.

    10. H&M even makes kids' rugs look cool and provides a sleek and elegant look to even the most basic rugs. The lines are clean and have soft colors that will help tie together most rooms — all with a range of prices to help fit within most budgets.

    11. Jungalow will have you feeling good about your purchase as the brand aims to give back to communities in need. Not only that, but the rugs they produce are truly works of art with a range of gorgeous patterns and designs that are abstract and vintage-like to help appeal to a range of tastes.

    Pink, blue, purple, and black geometric circle rug next to pink, purple, and orange striped, tufted rug

    12. Rugs Direct is great for anyone in need of interior design inspiration and can help you find exactly what you're looking for as it separates its pages based on style, size, color, and even has a rug finder quiz if you don't know where to start.

    13. Rugs by Vicky Brago-Mitchell brings one graphic designer's illustrations to life on a mix of different rug sizes and styles. If you're a fan of more vintage-inspired patterns, this site brings a nice selection of reasonably-priced rugs that will look like you just won it at an auction.

    14. Creepy Co. will have superfans of horror and Halloween simply dying over their killer slasher and witchy-inspired rugs that come in one size and can be displayed in basically any (or all) rooms of your home.

    Small rug that reads "easy-bake coven" with two girls in graveyard with oven, Mike Myer's-inspired rug with knife in hand

    15. Walmart does not lack options, meaning you'll actually have more than a couple of pages to choose from with rugs that are both stylish and budget-friendly. And, if you're in need of some decor inspiration, the site offers pages with curated products that fit popular home aesthetics.

    16. The Home Depot isn't just where you can grab some paint and home improvement tools. They also offer a decent selection of rugs — including cowhide options that'll add some Southern comfort to your home. You can even check out their outdoor rugs, doormats, bathroom rugs, and kids selection.

    Brown and white cowhide rug underneath black leather couches next to red, cream, and blue medallion rug in front of gray couch

    17. Overstock, much like Amazon, features a large inventory of rugs you can browse through for *many* hours. No matter what type of rug you're looking for, they've probably got it, and you can narrow your results down by size, color, price, and weave type.

    18. Etsy shop Miqna Studio offers rugs that are anything but boring and come in imaginative shapes and styles that are sure to be a conversation starter. The small biz also creates a wide range of doormats prepared to welcome all of your guests into your home.

    Geometric fruit-shaped rectangular rug in front of washer and black cabinets, avocado-shaped rug in front of bed

    19. Cosmeek is an Esty store that will take you back to the '70s with its retro feel and vibrant colors. These rectangular rugs range from floral to checkered patterns that will give your home a pop of color and vintage feel — for less.

    Pink checkered retro rug above a purple, white, and yellow daisy rug

    20. Bed Bath & Beyond basically has all of your home needs in one place for pretty good prices. While you're browsing for shower curtains, you can pop into their rug section and take a look at the range of modern, contemporary, and simple rugs that can be filtered by size, shape, and price.

    21. Hayneedle seems to have rugs that look soft enough to sleep on. The selection is large enough that you can actually spend some time looking through their inventory. What's also nice is you can narrow your search down right to the how the rug was constructed.

    White shag rug in front of light gray couch next to blue, yellow, and cream floral rug

    22. Macy's can help you find an elegant rug without breaking the bank because you can still feel luxurious without going broke. It does a great job of offering a wide selection for reasonable prices and patterns you'll be excited to show off in your home.

    Blue and cream contemporary-inspired rug next to brown and red rug with vines

    23. Boutique Rugs won't leave you wanting more as it provides pages of rugs to decide from. Customize your search based on the shape, size, color, and even price you're looking for.

    Rainbow-colored braided rug on in front of cream chair and bureau next to multi-colored polka dotted shag rug in front of white crib

    24. CeeMee is the Etsy shop to go to if you're looking for anything odd and quirky to spice up your home with. There's also a nice mix of sizes and styles to choose from that are bold, vibrant, and totally trendy.

    Rectangle rug with renaissance picture "no copy" written around it, mouth-shaped rug with braces

    25. Amazon is one of the largest online marketplaces out there, providing options that seem practically endless. With a large rug selection to choose from, you can easily find something that works within your budget and that also fits your home's aesthetic.

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