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24 Skincare Products From Black-Owned Brands That Are Sure To Be Love At First Apply

Clear some shelf space in the bathroom, you're gonna need it.

1. Beauty Strike's Brightening Day Protection moisturizer that your skin will be ~oh so excited~ to soak up as it not only locks in moisture but helps protect you from damaging UV rays. Enjoy soft skin and not getting burned.

Model holding black and white bottle of moisturizer that reads "Beautystrike"

2. ConditionHer's conditioner to balance your pH, soothe skin irritation, and reduce discoloration *down there* (because even nether regions need some self-care).

Model holding black and white bottle in a bathrobe

3. Glory's Own Your Tone dark spot treatment that requires only a small (but mighty) amount, which, after one night, can leave your skin with a happy natural glow.

Model applying clear product onto hands next to peach-colored product bottles

4. A Cocotique subscription to bring skincare straight to your door! Each month you'll receive up to eight ~expertly picked~ lifestyle (full! size! and! deluxe! travel! size!) products curated for women of color.

Black box with models face that reads "Cocotique" above variety of makeup products and face mask

5. Oui The People's The Big Reveal relief toner that'll have you questioning if magic really does exist after just one use. It uses the powerful forces of poly-hydroxy acid and gluconolactone to gently exfoliate and improve skin tone and texture while drawing water to sensitive skin (like your bikini line).

6. Beauty by Africa Miranda's facial elixir to act (basically) as seven (!!!) products in one mixture. Use it as a cuticle oil, daily moisturizer, makeup remover, oil cleanser, overnight lip treatment, eyebrow smoother, or mix it into your foundation for a ~dewy~ finish.

Clear bottle of elixir resting on top of arm rest of plane

7. Alaffia's whipped shea butter made with lavender and coconut oil you'll happily want to douse your skin (and hair!) in for ~ultra soft~ results.

Yellow and purple jar of whipped shea butter that reads "Alaffia"

8. ELo Vegan Lifestyle's Bordeaux Balm that won't leave your lips thirsty for more thanks to its über hydrating formula of coconut oil, shea butter, and SPF. As an added bonus you'll get a nice wine red tint that just might have you kissing lip gloss goodbye.

Dark purple chapstick on top of small circle mirror next to black raspberry

9. Eve Milan New York's Hydrating Toner considered a ~vitamin bath~ for your skin that's free of alcohol and witch hazel, and instead, uses rosewater and hibiscus extract to soothe skin and provide antioxidants.

Bottle of face toner on top of fabric next to pink rose petals and silk face mask

10. Ashanti Swimwear's Baobab Balance & Restore Oil if you do not want to feel as though you just wiped grease all over your face. The 100% African baobab oil will replenish your skin with antioxidants and nutrients including vitamins A, B, C, D, E, F, and K (wow!).

Model holding bottle of yellow oil with dropper in other hand

11. Clean Rebellion's castile soap for scrubbing away dirt with an energizing citrusy scent — and it's safe to use on your skin, face, and hair since it's made with 100% olive oil.

Bottle of pink and yellow soap that reads "I am gorgeous"

12. Doperskin's vanilla almond body butter whipped together with shea, mango, and kokum butter delivering a souffle of natural nutrients that will penetrate skin and lock in moisture — aka the perfect after-shower recipe for soft skin.

Clear jar of white body butter surrounded by piles of almonds on a wooden table

13. Brown Butter Beauty's blemish serum featuring a concentrate of aloe vera and essential oils to help calm your skin and provide results that'll have you saying, "Blemish, what blemish??"

14. Earth to Earth Organic's Sweet Rose Body Oil you can massage into your face — especially after a shower to help improve circulation and provide moisture to dry flaky skin.

Bottle of body oil with hand pump on a forest ground

15. Buttah Skin's Skin Kit packed with all the essentials including a vitamin C serum, a facial cleanser that balances pH, and revitalizing cream for protecting your skin's barrier. It's also customizable, allowing you to choose the *best* moisturizer for your unique skin type.

Bottle of lotion, cream, and body oil lined up in front of product box

16. Bolden's Glow Hydrating Mask which uses hyaluronic acid to get your glow on ~naturally~. In up to 13 minutes, this formula will penetrate and moisturize skin providing skin-tingling results you'll be doing a double-take in the mirror over.

17. Motsi's Detox Nightwear Cream for an easy boost of hydration using lavender and peony that'll calm and moisturize skin all while you sleep — it's that easy!

Model holding black jar of night cream in front of their face

18. Luv Scrub's mesh body exfoliator, so can finally ditch your loofah since it lasts for up to 18 months and helps exfoliate skin, tackles ingrown hair, and even stretches up to 50 inches to scrub-a-dub your back with.

19. Butter By Keba's body butter that'll have you ~melting~ over the results since it comes packed with grape seed and rice bran oils — considered superfoods for the skin.

Model holding red and black jar of product and applying body butter to shoulder

20. The Beloved Box's BeCalm self-care box filled with essentials (floral ylang ylang sugar scrub, clay facial mask, candle, and bedroom mist spray) for all the calming vibes at the end of a long week.

Blue box with jars of sugar scrub, bath soap, body mist, bath tea, and bath souffle

21. Sonshine Bath's foaming bath polish you'll wish you could've showered your skin in sooner once you lather the whipped soap onto your body. Made with shea butter, sugar, and oils, prepare to buff your body smooth with just a lather, rinse, and repeat.

Clear jar with white body polish on top of black table top

22. Zandra Beauty's hand and body lotion AND inspirational quotes? Sounds like the perfect combo to us. On top of that, it uses a vegan and sulfate-free formula to soften skin and leave it smelling fresh and clean.

Four bottles of lotion on a teal background with multicolored inspirational quotes

23. The Earthy Collection's Mango Hydrating Body Butter with a scent so fruity you'll want to eat it (but seriously, we don't recommend actually giving this a taste test). The handmade blend does have a recipe your skin will surely soak up including a blend of organic shea butter and olive, grapeseed, almond, and avocado oils.

Two jars of orange body butter with photo of mangos on label

24. Naturally London's moisturizing foot polish because let's face it — we put our tootsies through a lot and they could use some TLC every once in a while. This will exfoliate dead skin cells while nourishing your feet with natural ingredients like coconut oil.

Clear jar with brown foot polish and wooden spoon inside product

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