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    35 10-Year Anniversary Gifts Your Partner Will Rate A Ten-Out-Of-Ten

    Aluminate your decade-long love with a shiny tin or aluminum gift that'll put a smile on their face.

    1. A personalized aluminum soundwave with your special song that your partner can enjoy on repeat. As one of the meaningful gifts to get your significant other, it may just bring a tear to their eye.

    2. A tin rose that, unlike real flowers, will last forever — just like your love.

    3. A tin flower pot to plant your seeds for the future. Hang it inside or outside your home — and for those without a green thumb, you can fill it with fake flowers to represent your undying love for each other.

    Product image of three metal rustic hanging pots with the far right one filled with a mix of white flowers

    4. A couple of custom tin mugs for sipping your morning coffee (or tea) in together. The personalized date also means forgotten anniversaries are a thing of the past.

    Model holding two white mugs with the left saying "Happy tin years" and the right saying "Andrea & Jacob, 11.08.2011"

    5. A custom aluminum license plate reminding your partner of all of your travels together (or adventures to come). Add an inside joke or their name to make it extra unique.

    Product image of multicolored license plate that says "custom sign"

    6. An engraved aluminum ring to symbolize your never-ending love.

    7. A tin date night dice set that can add some spice to your weekends. If you're ready to try something new, then roll the dice on this gift.

    Product image of square gift box with black velvet drawstring bag, wooden card titled "10th anniversary" and two silver dice that say "have a campfire" and "early night"

    8. A gin-making kit with a tin of botanicals for the partner that's always looking for a new DIY project. They can create their own top-shelf-worthy mix — or turn it into your next date night activity.

    Product image of a silver tin with dried botanicals and two glass jugs of gin

    9. A set of tin candles that will spark their interest and symbolize the burning love you have for each other. The two of you can enjoy the sweet scents of spring, lavender, lemon, and Mediterranean fig.

    10. An Apple Watch for the tech-lover in your life. This splurge-worthy gift is made out of aluminum and can act as a reminder of how timeless your relationship is.

    11. A tin of spa goodies your partner can unwind with during a hot bath after a long day at work. The all-natural ingredients will help smooth and hydrate skin for a softer feel.

    12. A pair of aluminum rose earrings to signify your continual growth together. They'll also add a touch of delicateness to your loved one's outfit.

    Model holding gold rose-shaped earrings next to silver rose-shaped earrings

    13. A tin of lip balms so your and your partner's lips are always ready for a surprise kiss.

    Model spilling three tins of lip balm onto a bed

    14. A pair of Samsung wireless earbuds if your partner is a multitasker. Now, they can listen to music or talk on the phone hands-free.

    Reviewer holding black wireless earbuds and black case

    15. A tin magnetic spice set to add a dash of flavor to your gift-giving. The chef in your life will appreciate the ease and simplicity it can add to cooking.

    Reviewer photo of 12 silver and clear magnetic spice containers attached to the side of a fridge and labeled "BBQ seasoning", "black pepper", "cayenne", etc

    16. An aluminum stove top percolator if you're looking for a hot and steamy gift. If your loved one is a fan of more than one cup of coffee throughout the day, this coffee maker brews up to 9 cups of coffee and can even be taken on camping trips.

    Model pouring coffee from silver stovetop percolator into a clear mug

    17. A Golde matcha kit to show how matcha you love them — and their caffeine addiction.

    18. An aluminum briefcase your career-driven partner can carry with them to the office or on their travels. The hard case will keep their belongings protected from things such as water and theft.

    19. An aluminum wallet they can use through thick and tin. They can use it to store money, credit cards, their ID, and more.

    20. A Crate and Barrel aluminum beverage tub to celebrate your decade-long relationship in style.

    Product image of silver hammer textured beverage tub filled with ice and nine mixed glass bottles

    21. A Carote Dutch oven the chef in your life can use to cook up their next flavorful meal. The aluminum material will help heat ingredients evenly and doesn't rust — perfect for making a romantic candlelit dinner for two.

    Product photo of black and white speckled dutch oven with wooden handles and a glass cover

    22. An aluminum capo to help your music-lover enhance their sound and feel like the rockstar you see in them. They may even turn those late-night jam sessions into a private concert just for you.

    Reviewer photo of closeup of copper guitar capo attached to acoustic guitar

    23. An aluminum camera tripod for your favorite photographer to continue capturing every special moment you share together.

    24. A bread box and biscuit tin you can fill with goodies to surprise your muffin with. It also helps keep your baked goods fresh for a longer period of time — so, say goodbye to stale bread.

    25. A MacBook Air to symbolize your strong connection — and the surprise factor will be totally worth every penny spent.

    26. An aluminum feather platter for the couple who loves hosting. Over the years, you've grown a family and group of friends and during any event, you throw together, this platter can serve as a talking piece and reminder for all you've accomplished as a couple over the years.

    Product image of gold feather-shaped platter

    27. An Away aluminum suitcase they can take on your next romantic getaway together. The combination lock and aluminum material will help keep your belongings safe no matter where you go.

    28. An Intersection of Love print in tin framing to represent how your love will always intersect with one another.

    Product image of a framed black and white print of four street signs connected with top saying "2014", the next two reading "Adamson" and "2019", and the bottom one saying "Williams"

    29. An aluminum wallet card engraved with a heartfelt message to show off your more romantic side. It will also serve as a piece of you they can always carry with them.

    Reviewer photo of black engraved card that says "When I tell you I love you I don't say it out of habit I say it to remind you that you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love you"

    30. A tin rock to thank them for the continued strength and support they've provided you with.

    Product photo of silver rocked shaped tin that reads "you are my rock 10 years" in front of box with straw and card that says "your rock gift"

    Looking for something extra? We've also got some non-aluminum and tin options to keep the surprises coming:

    31. A box of shortbread cookies for your "love bug" that you can also ~secretly~ snack on.

    Product image of yellow box with cookies that say "I love you" and a plate with a cookie saying "love bug"

    32. A plaster hand-molding kit so you'll never let each other go. The details have been described as "impeccable" and it's the perfect excuse for you to hold their hand for 10 minutes.

    Reviewer image of holding hands made of white plaster\

    33. A cutting board — but not any cutting board. Make it one-of-a-kind with both of your names and a date etched into it. That way, when they're chopping ingredients, that special day will always be on their mind.

    Product image of wooden cutting board engraved with "Billy & Claudia Barnes, Est. 08.30.2017"

    34. A Scuddles picnic blanket for enjoying a romantic meal together in the park. It's also versatile so you can take it to the beach, drive-ins, or even lay it in your backyard for stargazing.

    35. A Shiatsu massager so your hands can finally have a break and they can enjoy a masseuse-grade massage whenever they want.

    Product image of person wearing massager around their neck

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