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Denver -- Not So Good At Public Art

A rundown covering everything about that iconic Denver blue-animal-sculpture scene.

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"Blue Mustang" Is Alive and Well...

Denver's "Blue Mustang", (a horrifying piece that illuminates the freeway to the airport), remains standing despite wrapping its five-year contract with the Denver Commission on Cultural Affairs and City Art last month.

Although critics of the gothic horse have long awaited the day, no one has put down the bong long enough to file a removal petition quite yet.

While "Blue Bear" Gets Bullied!

The 40-foot sculpture outside the Colorado Convention Center was vandalized last week. Someone splattered its back with gallons of green paint. Police consider the case an open investigation.

The Eyes of "Blue Mustang" Are Always On...

Last week, the Denver International Airport honored Earth Hour by turning off all of its "non-essential" lights, but intentionally kept the "Blue Mustang" eyes lit as a guiding light home.

Construction of "Blue Mustang" Killed Its Creator...

The City of Denver commissioned the sculpture despite the tragic death of its artist in 2006. Luis Jiménez died from impact when a 9,000 lb piece of "Blue Mustang" fell on him -- forever marking the piece with haunted undertones.