10 Apple Buttons That Aren’t A Thing

We love Apple products for their slimmed-down efficiency, but some iThings just aren’t a thing.

1. Passbook

The welcome page says it’s “the simplest” — but it’s just not a thing.

2. Dictionary

Not a thing.

3. The Sixth Emoji Category

Some could be useful — if this were a thing.

4. Those M’s in Calculator

Not a thing. Maybe in AP Calc? We don’t remember.

5. Those M’s in Dashboard Calculator

Dashboard: barely a thing. Dashboard calculator: not a thing.

6. World Clock

No matter how rich you are, lots of clocks is never a thing.

7. Color Dots

Competing options include “Eiffel Tower”, “Rollercoaster”, “Clouds”, “Earthrise”, and “Yosemite” so by default — not a thing.

8. Allow Hyphenation

So not a thing, it doesn’t even work.

9. iTunes Composers

Not a Bach / Beethoven thing like you thought. But also not a thing.

10. Siri


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