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    15 Reasons Why The Next Superman Should Be Daniel Henney

    HERE’S an understatement: Asians need more representation in mainstream media. Let's make 2017 the year to make that happen!

    1. Because Asians represent 60% of the world population and Hollywood would make a lot of people happy....and a tonne of money.

    2. He actually has a real life Krypto – Superman's dog.

    3. And he pulls off a rather splendid Clark Kent.

    4. He's 6 foot 2 and ripped like Wolverine.

    5. Oh hey Wolverine!

    6. Because he understands what it's like to be adopted from his mother.

    7. And fits the bill for growing up on a small town in the States and having a really awesome relationship with his parents.

    8. Because the suit game is strong with this one.

    9. And would increase the Asian game on Tinder (and Grindr) by about a bazillion percent.

    10. As well as defeat stereotypes and help inspire minorities to think anything is possible.

    11. And regular joes like this charming young lad can FINALLY have some Asian reps other than characters like Pai Mei.

    12. Otherwise known as that Asian dude from Kill Bill.

    13. He is qualified to do the job already having a Hollywood hit under his belt with Big Hero 6.

    14. So come on Hollywood!

    15. You know what we want to see.