Ryan W.
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  • The Emouija Board - A Ouija Board For The Modern Ghost

    Dead millenials aren’t going to take the time out of their afterlives to send messages from the Great Beyond using a traditional “hunt and peck” talking board. And the recently deceased aren’t the only ones who appreciate convenience: Just because they’re no longer with us, doesn’t mean they’re no longer “with it.” Today’s modern ghost demands a modern ouija. Bring your spirit-speak up to date with the custom emoji available exclusively on our new cutting-edge Emouija Board. A must-have for the CyberPsychic in your life, our Emouija Board is a stylish and state-of-the-art addition to your arsenal of spirt-communication devices. Electronic Voice Phenomenon? When was the last time someone left you a voicemail? Automatic Writing? You might as well sit around with a Morse-to-English dictionary trying to decipher the tappings on a tabletop. Manifest a more modern spirit, address an avant-garde ghost. The final Emouija Board will be an encyclopedic tour of the most useful emoji for today’s spirit, all laid out on a beautifully-designed 18 x 18 quad-fold board and accompanied by a bespoke spectral hand planchette. You can find more information, including images of our proof-of-concept prototype and the opportunity to back this important project here.

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