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Lady Gaga Fans Take On Spotify

Well this was unexpected.

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Well Little Monsters are just recovering from what Lady Gaga DID at the Superbowl last Sunday

she did THAT
Tom Pennington / Via Getty Images

she did THAT

And they have been trying to promote her latest single Million Reasons after



iTunes US right now. Is this real life? #SuperBowl

To keep it on the charts, they made Streaming Parties

#MillionReasonsStreamingParty Monsters, stream @LadyGaga's latest single "Million Reasons" on Apple Music/Spotify NOW!

And they have been pretty successful

Four major Top 40 radio stations in the US have FINALLY added Million Reasons to their playlist this week, includin…

With all their little tactics the song is now predicted to enter into the Top 10 on Billboard Hot 100 this week

International Monsters can follow the following steps to contribute their streams to the US Billboard Hot 100:

BUT then, something odd surfaced

@gagamonster96 @gagadaily plz plz plz look at this!😭 this may have a lot to do with Gaga's streaming and we should…

It seems as if Spotify has been treating Lady Gaga's music unfairly. Alternative versions to her songs are showing up instead of her actual songs. It happens if you try every single one of Lady Gaga's songs, Spotify shows you songs that do not count for the Hot 100 tabulations made by Billboard

Maybe she isn't charting well on @billboard for some reasons, but not able to find her songs in the search engine s…

So the mighty Little Monsters took to @SpotifyCares to voice their concerns

@hfls_shan i would direct message @SpotifyCares about it, they have open DMs and reply

In fact, a large army of Little Monsters began mass messaging Spotify to fix this issue. Spotify issued one response to each and every one of them:

@GagaMarinaKesha Hey, help's here! We'd recommend restarting the app. Let us know how it goes /MG


@yangsiming1996 Hi! Thanks for letting us know. Everything should be back up and running again soon /SC

And finally

@GaberARTpop We can assure you that our best team is currently on the case and it should be back to normal soon! /SC

Best team? Doesn't sound like it Spotify

The Little Monsters are MAD.

@Spotify @SpotifyCares Lady Gaga's millions of fans will boycott your unfair service for this. Fix it NOW or an army will come!

An army will come indeed.

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