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    The Airliner Gets Strange Tonight At... The Strange World Of The Future!

    In a world where music cannot be classified by genres, a world free from haters and precocious douche-bags, a world where every party is the after-party… WELCOME TO THE STRANGE WORLD OF THE FUTURE! Party Punx & The Myth Syndicate proudly present The Strange Lineup of the Future: The Tissues DIRTY SPELLS Máscaras ViceVersa Also Featuring… Peter Woods Dez Hope # # # The Airliner - $5 2419 N Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90031 # # # ViceVersa After successfully defending their themselves from Vice Media in a $2.5 billion lawsuit, Los Angeles punk band ViceVersa is back on stage where they belong – and playing with more aggressive energy than ever! Get a taste of ViceVersa by listening to their Ramones-esque, funk-punk masterpiece, Da EP Vol 2, on their website here: Watch ViceVersa’s 360 VR music video for “Head” on their YouTube here: Máscaras All the way from Portland, Oregon, we have Máscaras, the psychedelic instrumental trio of Papi Fimbres (PAPI), Carlos Segovia (DC) and Theo Craig (T-KRAY). It's a jam with themes that become "songs" that live and breathe, leaving room for the unexpected. It doesn’t require vocals for music to speak volumes. If you’ve ever seen Máscaras live, you’re familiar with the fierce kinetic language of their instrumentation. Self-proclaimed as “maximalist indigenous rock,” their infectious blend of Cumbia-infused progressive kraut psych is bursting with energy. Something Craig mentions points to the heart of the band. He gets affirmative nods from Segovia and Fimbres when he says, "This record came from us just appreciating each other." Máscara vs. Máscara reveals nothing less." - Mac Pogue, Portland Mercury Listen to Mascaras at their website here: DIRTY SPELLS On tour from Canada, DIRTY SPELLS, are a thundering 3-piece to be reckoned with. The culmination of violin, bass and drums create an instrumental, orchestral post-rock for the twenty-first century's 1970s French/Italian sci-fi horror film. "...mellifluous sounds reminiscent of Mogwai and Godspeed You! Black Emperor." - Discorder Magazine Check out DIRTY SPELLS on Bandcamp and give their Teeth EP a listen: The Tissues Bring your best dance moves & moshing shoes for The Tissues, a punk rock band from Los Angeles. If you haven’t heard The Tissues debut self-titled EP yet, it is a rare form a punk that comes from a time when music wasn’t tainted by commercialization or pop sensibility. Singer Kristine Nevrose performs with the authentic punk fury of Iggy Pop, the subtle sexiness of Joan Jett, and enough explosive energy to put The Addicts in a retirement home. Have you experienced the combustible splendor of The Tissues? Stop cheating yourself and give them a listen on their Bandcamp here:

    Let's Get Strange

    Myth Syndicate / Via Facebook: events
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