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New RASSCALLION Album Leaked!

We recently got our hands on the unreleased album from Los Angeles band RASSCALLION. If these guys aren't on your radar yet, this album will definitely change that. Titled simply RASSCALLION I, the album sounds like Jack White had a baby with Steven Tyler... and his name was Joe Young. Straight from an era when punk rock was good and the mosh pits made you bleed real blood, RASSCALLION is a force of new grunge alt rock to be reckoned with. We're not quite sure how many tracks will be on the full album yet, but from the songs we heard, our fav was "Hey Yo". This is the kind of feel good punk that you can chant all of the lyrics to while you're dancing-walking down the street, or just bob your head and tap your toes in solitude. It's catchy to the point where you can't help but move and groove and possibly have this song stuck in your head for weeks. The song "Buddy" is a close second, a grungy blues tune with authentic attitude and rhythmic bass guitar. The entire album melts together with explosive old school punk rock energy, masterful guitar play, and lyrics that are a lined with wit and attitude. Joe Young is proving himself the guitar virtuoso he boldly claims to be with a voice to match. Produced by music industry legend Brian Christian, who helped create albums for Pink Floyd, Alice Cooper, KISS, BB King, The Guess Who, Elvis Presley, and many more music greats, RASSCALLION might just be the next big rock band that matters. Keep your eyes on these guys, if for no other reason than to tell your friends that you "liked them before they were cool".

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