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Eric Bright Releases “Love You Till The Dawn” On Groove Society

A newcomer to the New York house music scene, Eric Bright is a singer, songwriter, and music producer who just dropped his debut single today. We are happy to host the exclusive first listen here at Buzzfeed! On “Love You Till The Dawn” Eric Bright brings us on a journey of love, singing “Everything about you turns me on...I’m going to love you till the dawn”. Full of deep house swells with a groovy trance crescendo, “Love You Till The Dawn” is a romantic house anthem that you can expect to hear played at sunrise sets and music festivals all year long. "Beginning of 2016 I started writing a new wave of material, inspired by the great Andrea Bocelli.” Eric Bright explains the originals of his latest masterpiece, “After studying so many of his compositions I was inspired to write several beautiful deep heart felt ballads of my own, accompanied by piano / sheet music. After picking a few of my best works, I knew something was missing, that would really help for this record to appeal to the masses. I therefore called up NY/ Haitian house producer, Francis Mercier to add some seasoning onto the record! After a few sessions in the studio, he really nailed what I was envisioning for the project, and gave it that spice it needed. Then like magic, ‘Love You Till the Dawn’ happened!" "Love You Till The Dawn" combines elements of R&B, Soul, Pop and House music, all rolled into one, to create a soulful romantic sound with lots of energy that anyone can relate and dance to. With the release of his triumphant new single, we would like to give Eric Bright a warm welcome. Hopefully, we will see more from him very soon. Listen to Eric Bright’s “Love You Till the Dawn” on SoundCloud here, follow him on Twitter here and like him on Facebook here.

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