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    Ziwe Responded To Being Called A Gorgeous "Real Live Troll" And I Love It

    "My aesthetic is working..."

    If you've been online in the COVID years, you've definitely come across the Instagram goddess Ziwe.

    After going viral for making her guests squirm in her IG live show Baited, Ziwe booked her own Showtime talk show, Ziwe.

    Ziwe in her hosting seat

    To celebrate season 2 — which premiered this week — we sat down with Ziwe to read some good ole fashion "Thirst Tweets":

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    She read tweets about her smile...

    A closeup of Ziwe's smile and the caption "How do you feel now"

    Her fashion...

    Ziwe reading a tweet about how she's still hot and serving looks

    And even loved being called a gorgeous "real live troll":

    So yeah, if you stan Ziwe and thirstiness, check out the video now! And you can catch Season 2 of Ziwe on Showtime every Friday.