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Zendaya Talked About The Time She Ran Shit In A Room Full Of Disney Executives And It's Great

"The title is whack. That’s gonna change."

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You've probably seen/heard that Zendaya is on the cover of this July's Vogue.

I really don't have any words right now...I'm grateful, honored and a million other beautiful things...I'M ON VOGUE…

Well, in the cover story she discusses the time she was in a meeting with the heads of Disney. She was 16.

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They wanted her to do a show called Super Awesome Katy. Her response? "The title is whack. That’s gonna change."


She also told them she was going to be a producer for the show. And as for her character's name, nah: "Do I look like a Katy to you?" she said.


Zendaya also insisted the show feature a family of color.


And she said she didn't want the main character to be a good singer or dancer, but instead a martial arts–trained brainiac.

She wanted to show her character was just as smart as everyone else — and someone who lived a normal but extraordinary life.

People loved the image of a teenage Zendaya laying down the law in a room full of executives.

How could you not? Zendaya was running shit at 16!

And continues to today. 👏

You can check out the full story here!

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