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    Zac Efron Posted A Hot Pic Of Him In A Sauna And Suddenly I'm Experiencing Tachycardia

    "That sauna is so lucky."

    If you clicked on this post, you're thirsty, think Zac Efron is hot, or both.

    So let's get right to it.

    Zac Efron posted this sexual picture of him in a sauna on Tuesday.

    The bizarre hair moment, the chain, the facial hair, the stare, the sauna...

    It's all so hot. Like, my heart is racing.

    Obviously, I wasn't the only one thirsting over him.

    That picture of Zac Efron in the sauna in them white shorts are doing all sorts of things to me. So I pray that people never stop posting that damn photo <3 thanks

    I am positive of a few times in my life , when I was made speechless . An @ZacEfron recent photo in the sauna and .......

    Honestly, how dare Zac Efron. That sauna is so lucky.

    Here's how some people replied to his picture on Twitter:

    So yeah, Zac came through with some thirst-quenching this week. He always does. <3