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    Yvie Oddly Answered 30 Questions In Three Minutes And Dragged Her Own Showering Habits

    "What's a shower?"

    If you follow Drag Race, you probably know Yvie Oddly.

    She's iconic and also the winner of Season 11.

    Well, Yvie stopped by BuzzFeed to do "30 questions in Three Minutes."

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    Yvie dragged her own reputation, answering the "Do you shower in the morning or at night" question like this:

    And got ~candid~ about her favorite part about performing in Denver:

    She also said she'd love to collab with Alaska:

    To find out what else Yvie said, check out the full video here. Oh, and if you wanna see Yvie and other queens perform, snag some tickets to Werq the World Tour here!