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    YouTuber Bretman Rock Called Out Fans Who Crashed His Father's Funeral

    "I just don't get why people think it's OK."

    This week, beauty guru and YouTuber Bretman Rock flew to the Philippines to attend his father's funeral.

    He shared on Instagram that his father died after going into a coma.

    Unfortunately, his fans and followers were disrespectful and showed up to his father's funeral, leading Bretman to address them on Twitter.

    "Can people just let me be sad for once?" he wrote. The makeup artist said people showed up to his house and asked to take pictures with him and even took pictures of his deceased father at the funeral.

    Can people just let me be sad for onces.... I’m here in the Philippines for my dad who just passed, don’t come to my house and ask me for pictures.. so many people showed up to my dads funeral uninvited and started taking pics of my dad and my family.. Like why?It’s common sense

    "I just don't get why people think it's OK," he wrote. "How you gonna say, 'Condolences, can we take a picture?'"

    I just don’t understand why people think it’s okay to ask me for pictures when my eyes are literally swollen from crying ... how you you gonna say “condolences , can we take a picture ?”

    People agreed, saying the fans' behavior was totally inappropriate and unacceptable:

    @bretmanrock I’m so sorry. That is so disrespectful and rude. You deserve peace, understanding, respect, and compassion during this time. Please take care of yourself and don’t worry about others who only care about themselves.

    @bretmanrock i am so sorry. this is disgusting. people need to learn boundaries especially for something like this that’s very personal. you need your time with family and people need to have some respect for that :(

    @bretmanrock WHO THE HELL WOULD DO SOMETHING SO disgusting and disturbing???? no absolutely not am so sorry to you and you're family angel omg ❤️😢

    So sorry for your loss and so sorry you're dealing with this, Bretman. Hang in there. <3

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