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21 Pains Of Having A Younger Sibling Who Thinks They're The Older Sibling

Well, Mom's loved me longer.

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1. They are batshit crazy enough to think they get shotgun.

2. You're low-key scared of them and often fear for your safety.

Ryan Schocket

3. They have the nerve, the audacity, and the gall to boss you around 24 fucking 7.


4. And at some time, somewhere, somehow, they got the impression that they call the shots.

Ryan Schocket

5. They do that that thing where they act so important, like they’re this heavenly child sent from above.


6. They do not — and will not — listen to you.

7. Meanwhile, stepping foot in their room is like desecrating holy grounds.

When your friends ask if they can go in your sibling's room

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8. And when your parents put you in charge for the night? Yeah, that means nothing to them.

9. When they completely reject your sagacious, amazingly poignant older-sibling advice:


10. But god forbid you don't take theirs, all hell breaks loose.


11. They also keep tabs on you, strategically storing information...


12. ...which they'll then use to lecture the shit out of you.

13. And OH MY GOD people who say “I always forget you're older!” are on your shit list.


14. As are those who identify you based on your sibling EVEN THOUGH YOU'RE OLDER.

15. TBH our younger siblings have us wrapped around their finger. You aren’t asked to do their homework. You are told.

16. Same thing with buying them alcohol.

17. And they’re masters of saying just the thing to piss you off.


18. But watch what you say: The slightest thing could set them off at any moment.


19. They will own the shit out of you whenever, wherever, and in front of whomever. Your friends are used to just standing there awkwardly until it’s over.

20. Still, you've learned to cherish those moments when they're ~thankful~.

21. As well as those times they're there for you in their own ~unique~ way.

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