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Yolanda Hadid Responded To The Problematic TikTok Of Her Enforcing Restrictive Eating On Gigi Hadid


This post discusses disordered eating.

If you've been on TikTok, it's impossible to avoid the slew of problematic videos starring Yolanda Hadid on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Many compiled the resurfaced clips of Yolanda encouraging her model daughter Gigi not to eat — or to eat very restrictively. She frequently reminded Gigi to diet, not to "be bad" by eating certain foods, and to workout:

Here’s Yolanda telling Gigi not to eat for 2 minutes straight🥴 Zayn has every right to keep her away from his daughter


And one particular video that made its rounds was a scene where Gigi had called Yolanda and said, "I'm feeling really weak. I had, like, half an almond."

closeup of a phone to yolanda's face while Gigi tells her she feels weak

"Have a couple of almonds. Chew them really well," Yolanda responded.

So, yeah, those clips have gone viral all over TikTok, and now, Yolanda's responded with a TikTok of her own. In her video, Yolanda poses in different settings with a big bowl of almonds.

yolanda with a large bowl of almonds in her lap and then on her head

She captioned it with the hashtag "#Worstmomever" and "#almonds."

screenshot of her tags

People were like...OMG, WOW?, and WTF:

@PRADAXBBY / Twitter: @PRADAXBBY / Via tiktok.com
commenter saying if their mom did that they would wreak havoc
"it would be funny if it wasn't true"

Even TikTok flagged the video:

the TikTok flag notification

Another bizarre pop culture moment in 2022 — check. You can watch Yolanda's TikTok here.