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    16 People Who Had A Worse Week Than You, Me, Or Anyone

    A lot of shot-down shoot-your-shots.

    Fails are legit my favorite part of the internet. They're just mesmerizing and hilarious and perfect. Here are some of the best from this week.

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    1. Sam Smith brought out Kim Petras for a performance of "Unholy," but her mic was wayyyyy too low during the first half:

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    CapitalFM / Via

    2. This fail from Austin Butler:

    Jesus Christ do something else then!!!!

    Variety / Via Twitter: @ecareyo

    3. This S.O. Insta debut fail:

    Posted my shawty and she untagged herself

    Twitter: @777jorgeivan

    4. This Dior Advent calendar fail:

    Not the Dior advent calendar having a candle in one box then the lid to the candles in another????😭

    Twitter: @Brieyonce

    It's $650, FYI.

    5. This boyfriend's fail:

    Best thing I've seen at the World Cup so far

    Fox / Via Twitter: @AcevenGecko

    6. This less-than-packed theater:

    Twitter: @codymonster91
    Arrow pointing to one filled seat in a theater seating diagram

    7. This dog's accidental new coat:

    Help my apartment complex had wet paint on the walls with no signs and AUGGIE RUBBED UP AGAINST THE HALLWAY WALL AND NOW

    Twitter: @hannnahkristine

    8. This forgetful ex:

    Twitter: @TeahLhompson
    "He lives in my hometown now! Haha fun fact" "Matt we literally went on a date lmfao"

    9. This unwanted but hilarious twerk:

    she’s so fucking funny i can’t breathedjfjdndn

    NBC / Via Twitter: @fiImgal

    10. These atrocious add-ons:

    Twitter: @BrendanLLM
    Price details: $383 for one night, $365 cleaning fee, $105 service fee, and $132 occupancy taxes and fees

    11. This shoot-your-shot fail:

    Twitter: @georgewhyler

    12. And this one, too:

    Twitter: @mazzypopstar

    13. This doubled-up look:

    her wearing wired earphones and wireless headphones 😭

    Twitter: @bklynb4by

    14. This typo- and attitude-filled menu:

    Incredible drink menu 10/10 no notes

    Twitter: @TamingofdeSchuh

    15. This response:

    "Wanna hook up?" "No thank. you, I'm a lesbian," "I'm pretty feminine"

    16. And lastly, this review:

    The biggest plot twist since The Sixth Sense.

    Twitter: @NoContextBrits

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