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    13 People Who Failed Haaaard This Week

    The Hillary quote...OMG.

    Fails are legit my favorite part of the internet. They're just mesmerizing and hilarious and perfect. Here are some of the best from this week.

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    1. Well, for starters — the Try Guys' Ned Fulmer had the biggest fail of the week (or year?) when he was caught cheating on his wife:

    nedfulmer / Via Twitter: @nedfulmer

    2. This brother's exclusion from his sister's Instagram:

    My wedding didnt even make it into my sister’s instagram september dump but her Starbucks order did

    Twitter: @kidjaheen

    3. This memory:

    Twitter: @crim_tweets_

    4. This ketchup fail that led to another fail of logic??!?!?!

    crying at this like why didn't she just buy another pants¥{:!5(57?&:!&

    Twitter: @mia6oth / Via @julieevlorentzen /

    5. This adorably relatable pocket fail:

    Let’s take another moment to get into this look! 😍 #HipHopAwards #BET

    Twitter: @HipHopAwards

    Like, who TF hasn't tried to put their phone in a non-existent pocket?

    6. This concert etiquette fail:

    Twitter: @whenufantasize / Via @thefamousmikbar /

    7. This Grindr littering fail???

    Watched helplessly as the receipt I tried to throw out got picked up by a breeze and sailed into traffic

    Twitter: @benjrainwrite

    8. This presumptuous Lena Dunham tweet:

    When I go, I want my casket to be driven through the NYC pride parade with a plaque that reads “she wasn’t for everyone, but she *was* for us”- who can arrange?

    Twitter: @lenadunham

    9. This misattributed quote graphic:

    did she really say this

    Twitter: @remy4real23

    10. This double post:

    Why did I just see two girls post the same bf

    Twitter: @lazodc / Via Nickelodeon

    11. This rare insult:

    Twitter: @insultsrare

    12. This situation:

    Twitter: @awaitingtrial

    13. And lastly, these makeshift Heelys:

    Twitter: @sandavidcito

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