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Women Are Sharing Their "Worst Stories About Working In A Male-Dominated Industry" On Twitter

TW: Sexual assault.

On Thursday, Twitter user @lameravioli asked women on Twitter to share their worst stories about working in a male-dominated industry:

alright ladies, what's ur worst story about working in a male-dominated industry? mine is probably when a subcontractor told me he wished my safety vest was shorter so he could see my butt and then grabbed my hand looking for a wedding ring

Here are some of the responses:


@lameravioli I was a manager for a year at a local restaurant. One time a guy came in to fix our stove. When he was done he gave his paperwork to a guy we hired THAT DAY and asked him to sign it, then told me the stove was ready for me to cook on it again.


@lameravioli working in a gym in general is demonic but once in the middle of my workout i was on a bench doing a tricep exercise and the guy spotting me stared down at me and said “i know you’re not into men but in this position you look so fucking hot”


@lameravioli One of mine is one day where I introduced myself to a guy in the break room and I told him my job and he goes “a female mechanical engineer? What’s next?!?” then later asked me who I knew to get the job


@lameravioli a chef at the restaurant i worked at wouldn’t stop fully grabbing my & my coworker’s butts on shift and saying “oops”. even after we reported it nothing was happening so we sprayed his herb garden with 409 cleaner so all of his herbs died and he couldn’t figure out why


@lameravioli 3 male foremen in a row wouldn't let me demo concrete because I "could get hurt doing men's work." One finally let me try and when I paused and turned around LITERALLY the entire job had stopped work to watch and one guy was fucking filming


@lameravioli I have two from working in the auto industry . 1. The time the local body shop guy asked me to go out for a drink and when i told him i was 17 he offered to take me out for a soda pop instead


@lameravioli An an athletic trainer I constantly get cornered by dads telling me about their groin injuries in the past. Coaches specifically walk past me to talk to my male coworkers or INTERNS. I get asked for “rub downs”.


@lameravioli He insisted I go get my male boss. I grabbed my FEMALE boss and we proceeded to let them assemble the tent wrong for nearly two hours because they refused to listen to us 🙃 I literally toured the country setting up and tearing down this project.


@lameravioli one summer i was interning for a major tech company, i was the only girl on the entire team. one of my coworkers incessantly messaged me and on my birthday, got me two $100 gift cards to red lobster (?????) then when he found out i had a boyfriend, he asked me to give them back


@lameravioli A PASTOR came into the coffee shop I work in saw me wearing leggings and started complaining to my male coworker that it forces him to have unpure thoughts, so my coworker asked if he wanted to file a report and he said yeah but little did he know Im the manager


@lameravioli I worked in a suit store and I asked a man if he needed any help and he looked at me, then looked at my male manager and said “what is she doing here?” And refused to even acknowledge me the rest of the time


@lameravioli asked a faculty candidate for the Biology dept what impact they wanted their research to have & they crudely replied, “did you get that off twitter?” & all the men laughed


@lameravioli I used to work in a warehouse as the only woman when I was 18-20 and men my father’s age would try to get me to go to the bars with them to do a bikini contest

In conclusion: