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Posted on Jun 4, 2017

Women Are Sharing Their Experiences Being Body-Shamed And It'll Make You Feel Angry But Heard

"Strength in solidarity. We're not alone."

Last month, Oiselle CEO Sally Bergesen tweeted an example of body-shaming she experienced from her father when she 12, using the hashtag #TheySaid. Turns out, people face body-shaming from just about everyone.

"Keep eating like that and you're going to be a butterball." My Dad when I was 12. Pls RT and share a body shaming comment. #TheySaid


"Boys don't want fat girls" " you need to lower your standards, because you will be lucky if a boy will even like you" My mom. #theysaid


"You'd be so popular if you just stop eating." -My brother, when I was 13 #TheySaid


#TheySaid you could stand to lose a few pounds. My sister to me when I was 16 and had just begun binging and purging.


My aunt, walks up, slaps my thighs "how's it going, thunder thighs?" (I was about 13/14) #TheySaid


Grandpa-"You're beautiful, you should be a model!" Uncle looking directly at me-"she can't be a model! She's too fat!" I was 13 #theysaid


"At your height and with your foot size no boy will ever want to date you" -My 20 y/o cousin when I was 12.…


"I'll pay you $1 if you lose five pounds"- my grandpa "You wouldn't look so bad if you really tried to get that weight off" #Theysaid


"Don't you look fat today? It's a disgrace" said my Nan in front of my family as I was about to eat. I didn't eat. #theysaid


"Werewolf" & "She'll need a lawnmower for those sideburns" - kids at school #Theysaid

Multiple relatives:

#TheySaid "You should stop eating", "Being slim is the best body type", "no one likes fat girls" my mom and my grandma say this a lot 💔


#TheySaid "Suck in that gut!" I was three.

Best friends:

Me at around 10 years old- I'm not cold My 'best friend'- that's because not all of us have a layer of blubber Me anorexic at 14 #theysaid


A strange kid I didn't know from my school followed me around making pig noises after school closed. I was 8 yrs old. #TheySaid


"Look at that fat body! What a waste of a pretty face!" My PE coach to 8yo me in front of the class. Thanks Coach Robinson! #theysaid


"Did you cut the diet? It WAS working" -a male coworker #TheySaid


'Is that pizza such a good idea for you?' Ex boss, 10 years ago. #TheySaid


'Muscles on a woman aren't attractive. You shouldn't look like you can kick my ass' - a man in the grocery store, l…

#TheySaid what to not to wear:

#TheySaid don't wear a bikini because you're fat. lol. i think i look like a dayum snack.

And what not to do:

"U don't have the right body type 4 bouldering" #theysaid #shereplied

Bergesen told BuzzFeed she decided to do this hashtag because so many women have experienced body-shaming. "Most women I know, myself included, have been body-shamed. And typically, we carry that shame silently. Maybe because we want to will it away, not accept that it affects us, or are embarrassed"

Twitter: @oiselle_sally

"It's crucial to note that almost all of the hurtful, wounding #TheySaid comments, that we now see women carry for a LIFETIME."

Moving forward, parents can prepare their kids. "Positivity is paramount. Encouraging healthy eating and exercise is fantastic, and teaching skills that last a lifetime. As parents, leading by example. Encouraging kids with 'you look so strong!' Or 'that was really brave!' And finally, a huge heads-up to parents. Please, please talk with your kids about how they will encounter people who say these things."

And although the #TheySaid tweets are sad to read, there is strength in solidarity. 💪

#TheySaid now flooding my feed. TBH, it's deeply saddening and cathartic. Thank you for sharing. Strength in solidarity. We're not alone. 👊

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