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    Why Don't We Played "Who's Who" And Told Us About Meeting Taylor Swift

    "Mom, Taylor Swift says hi!"

    Recently, boy band Why Don't We stopped by BuzzFeed to play "Who's Who."

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    As for who's the worst texter — Zach.

    BuzzFeed / Hal Rhorer

    And who's likely to have a crush on a fan — Daniel.

    BuzzFeed / Hal Rhorer

    When it came to getting starstruck, they all were they when they met Taylor Swift backstage at Jingle Ball 2017.

    Isabel Infantes / AP Images

    "Taylor Swift. I was very starstruck when I met Taylor Swift," Jonah said.

    BuzzFeed / Hal Rhorer

    "Taylor Swift — I was like..."

    BuzzFeed / Hal Rhorer

    "Her green room smelled so good," Corbyn said.

    BuzzFeed / Hal Rhorer

    "She told me to say hi to my family. 'Mom, Taylor Swift says hi!'"

    BuzzFeed / Hal Rhorer

    Ugh, I love the interaction.

    BuzzFeed / Hal Rhorer

    To check out the guys play more of Who's Who, you can watch the full video here!

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