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    14 Actual Sex Things People Wish They Learned In Sex Ed

    Hygiene, techniques, and more.

    On Saturday, the hashtag #SexEdWontTeachYou began trending on Twitter. It was basically thousands of people sharing what sex education in high school should have taught us.

    Sex ed in 1948
    Library of Congress / Getty Images

    Keep in mind, these people are not experts or doctors, but their advice can be pretty useful/interesting. They shared what they wish they were taught about...

    1. Fingering:

    #SexEdWontTeachYou That's my clitoris, no a fucking guitar hero controller

    Twitter: @JooieSama

    2. Moaning:

    #SexEdWontTeachYou that sometimes women fake moan 😂 because

    Twitter: @25ShadesOfBrown

    3. Hygiene:

    She’s not sucking your dick bc yours balls smell like old tuna. #SexEdWontTeachYou

    Twitter: @KevinBo74820549

    4. Rough play:

    #SexEdWontTeachYou how to know he’s a real one

    Twitter: @RawBeanCoal

    5. These four things:

    #SexEdWontTeachYou how to have an open dialogue with your partner about your wants and needs. It also kind of fucking sucks on consent.

    Twitter: @JBRLPC

    6. The alphabet method:

    #SexEdWontTeachYou That Sam Kinison got it right when he was advocating for the Alphabet Method. After mastering it, you can pen masterpieces.

    Twitter: @KindaSquirrelly

    7. LGBTQ-related sex topics:

    #SexEdWontTeachYou anything gay-related and it sucks for the many kids who don’t have any interest in straight sex.

    Twitter: @thejoffery

    8. Consent, pre-cum, and peeing after sex:

    #SexEdWontTeachYou :Consent has to be on BOTH sides.Talking someone into sex is coercion not consent. Men can be raped too, basically anything if you’re LGBTQ+.You can get pregnant from pre-cum which is why the pulling out method doesn’t always work. Also always pee after sex!

    Twitter: @undecided399

    9. Boundaries:

    #SexEdWontTeachYou So many things... including how to even just have a decent relationship, how to be kind to yourself and your partner, how to create boundaries to protect yourself, all things I wish I'd been taught a lot earlier

    Twitter: @Reina__Rockwell

    10. Group sex:

    Oh god, I wake up and #SexEdWontTeachYou is trending. OK, #SexEdWontTeachYou that, sometimes, it is more fun as a group:

    Twitter: @LorneEC3

    11. Condoms breaking:

    #SexEdWontTeachYou that men actually know when the condom breaks because the sex starts to feel so much better. Don’t let em lie to you, Queens, they know.

    Twitter: @yourditarrie

    12. Riding and oral:

    #SexEdWontTeachYou how to ride someone, how to eat pussy and vagina and ass if that is your preference. 😂😂

    Twitter: @mizzzhot

    13. Cleaning:

    #SexEdWontTeachYou how to douche your ass for anal

    Twitter: @notsopius

    14. And finally, the cleanup:

    #SexEdWontTeachYou which setting is best for sticky sheets.

    Twitter: @bringbakerback

    What do YOU wish you were taught in sex ed? Let me know in the comments below!