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    Gen Z'ers Are Sharing What They Dislike About Their Generation, And They Didn't Hold Back

    "We're armchair therapists and social justice warriors with the inability to be open minded."

    Earlier this month, Reddit user u/butimadecake asked Gen Z'ers to share what they dislike about their generation. Some Gen Z'ers shared what they loved — but they definitely didn't hold back when it came to their critiques.

    A group of young people

    Here's what they said:

    1. "I dislike that Gen Z typically gets offended often, but at the same time, our generation has a lot of the same bullying tendencies of older generations."


    2. "Obsessive labeling, body image issues/narcissism surged with social media, self-diagnosing symptoms, and chalking it up to xyz, being armchair therapists, ironically social justice warriors with the inability to be open minded, addicted to fame/content creation/being a SoundCloud rapper, stupid slangs, etc."


    Girls on roller skates

    3. "They wanna change the world, but the only way they think they can do that is by making self-involved TikToks."


    4. "A lot of us are really performative. We talk about social justice on social media, but IRL, they’re problematic and fat-shaming people."


    5. "Our generation has an insatiable need for attention."


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    6. "Gen Z'er here — 15 years old. What I like about our generation is how accepting we are to people of all orientations. Or at least, that’s the case where I live. What I dislike about my generation is that there are tons of people who care WAY TOO MUCH about someone else’s opinions."


    7. "The dumbass trends we start. The Tide Pod Challenge, the Benadryl Challenge, and so much more."


    A man cutting Tide Pods with a knife and fork

    8. "Gen Z is distinctly nihilistic, and I hate it. I understand why, and I feel it myself sometimes, but I feel like it’s the reason why so many of us struggle with mental health issues. 99% of people who are like, 'Lmao, life is pointless, but don’t worry, I’m fine' are NOT fine."


    9. "As someone of Gen Z, I genuinely don’t understand my own generation. I find a lot of the vocabulary very cringy."


    10. "Widespread vaping use. It's suuuch a trend — everyone does it. And the ones who argue it's not bad for them are even worse."


    A woman using a vape

    11. "Everyone is trying to be quirky and an activist without doing the work."


    12. "Gen Z influencers are toxic and must be stopped. And our generation does NOT dress their age."


    13. "I hate this trend of copying and pasting phrases everywhere as a way to call people out. Like, 'I don't know about that one, chief.' Shit's so annoying to read everywhere, and it's not even funny stuff to begin with."


    14. "Screaming and shouting and freaking out when meeting their favorite celebrities. I get you are happy, but you are invading their privacy and making them feel uncomfortable."


    15. "The way that Gen Z'ers are amazing at Facetune-ing — they grew up with it, so they're really good. You cannot even tell what's real anymore."


    16. "The hypocrisy. People will go on a shopping spree in SHEIN every two weeks. Meanwhile, the same person is probably 'worried' about climate change."


    And lastly:

    17. "The broccoli haircut."

    A guy with curly hair

    Did they miss any? Let me know in the comments below!

    Responses edited for length/clarity.