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    13 People Who Had A Worse Week Than You, Me, Or Anyone

    The pregnancy text...

    Fails are legit my favorite part of the internet. They're just mesmerizing and hilarious and perfect. Here are some of the best from this week:

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    1. This revelation:

    Twitter: @ManMilk2
    The previous message close up

    2. This misspelling:

    Twitter: @jimmyoutsold

    3. This employee's fail/customer win:

    i’ve never met this man and i have no idea who he might think i am but i’m fully about to roll with it !!

    Twitter: @cfree94

    4. This rejection from Chris Meloni:

    Twitter: @Chris_Meloni

    5. This burn:

    Twitter: @ManMilk2

    6. This mom's text after finding her son's tweets:

    Guess she saw my insta lmao. Good morning Mom!!

    Twitter: @rudepolaroids

    7. This pointless shipment:

    Why does she make it so hard to end things amicably?

    Twitter: @atdanwhite

    8. This random-AF stunt from Matt Healy:

    once again they don’t have any song where they need to be doing all this

    Twitter: @_pure_444

    9. This bad medical take:

    Twitter: @BadMedicalTakes

    10. This fail/win:

    I just got carded at a liquor store, and my Blockbuster card accidentally fell out. The cashier said, “Never mind.”

    Twitter: @RealChrisSays

    11. This ignorance-is-bliss fail:

    Twitter: @beer_drinker777

    12. This misspelled idea:

    Twitter: @tragicbirdapp

    13. And lastly, this homophobe's fail:

    Twitter: @GoodReddit

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