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    16 Of The Best Viral Messages From November

    The mom's response is iconic.

    September is just about over, so of course, a bunch of messages, comments, DMs, and more have gone viral. Here are some of the best.

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    1. This revealing message:

    💀💀no because yall gotta come see

    Twitter: @aloserbtw

    2. This parent's iconic response:

    Twitter: @JennSchwenke

    3. This tough interaction:

    Twitter: @SheRatesDogs

    4. This insult:

    Twitter: @IAmDylanLewis

    5. This hellish message:

    Twitter: @ion_trap_

    6. This meta message:

    Twitter: @MNateShyamalan

    7. This edit:

    Twitter: @delicatesswift

    8. These consistently bizarre messages:

    My friend Adam has never texted me for a normal reason.

    Twitter: @tylerschmall

    9. This meme-able message:

    Twitter: @glamdemon2004

    10. And this meme-able sign:

    you should probably see a doctor about that

    Twitter: @LizerReal

    11. This gift shop message:

    crazy energy at the cracker barrel gift shop

    Twitter: @very_nice_dog

    12. This vague Vanessa Hudgens story:

    Twitter: @jamesdotcom

    13. This sign:

    Twitter: @JonBaker

    14. And this one, too:

    Twitter: @Wordesse

    15. This annoying dentist:

    Twitter: @dubstep4dads

    16. And lastly, this shady message:

    Twitter: @boopyape

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