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    16 People Who Went Super Viral For Their Halloween Costumes This Year

    Sooooo good.

    Every year, people post their Halloween costumes on Twitter, but only SOME go viral. Here are some of the most iconic, viral costumes from 2022. Enjoy:

    1. Powerpuff Girls meme:

    Twitter: @BradleyMartyn / Via Cartoon Network

    2. Kids Baking Championship meme:

    10 years later I still can’t bake

    Twitter: @ayoair / Via Food Network

    3. Barbara Howard from Abbott Elementary:

    I love Barbara Howard! Thank you and #HappyHalloween ⁦⁦@AbbottElemABC⁩ @thesherylralph⁩ and ⁦@quintabrunson⁩ ! #TeamTeachers

    Twitter: @SIfill_ / Via ABC

    4. Natalie Portman Updates meme:

    Twitter: @thewaitisogre / Via Pictures by:

    5. Tiffany Pollard:

    Twitter: @TheColtonShow__ / Via @thebeautynbraids

    6. Lionel Richie:

    Twitter: @____Mani

    7. Pearl Krabs:

    Twitter: @Simply_GorJASZ

    8. Mariah Carey's jersey dress:

    More of a fashion moment than a costume, but I’m feeling festive this Halloween so I’m celebrating @MariahCarey’s iconic Wizards jersey dress 🎃

    Vince Bucci / Getty Images / Via Vince Bucci/Getty Images

    9. Go Piss Girl meme:

    Twitter: @dannah__montana / Via CW

    10. Trader Joe's employee:

    Twitter: @jackdwagner

    11. The jacket from Drive:

    happy halloween i am sexy The Jacket From Drive

    Twitter: @charlie_revival

    12. Oscar the Grouch:

    My son was working on this costume for 3 months. So happy the weather was perfect 👍🏽

    Twitter: @MarionDelaronde

    13. Cereal killer:

    Twitter: @RebeccaPapin

    14. Family Guy meme:

    Twitter: @abjortia

    15. Beyoncé at the 2008 Stand Up to Cancer concert:

    16. SpongeBob Squarepants Chocolate character:

    bro: hey bro the Halloween party is cancelled me already dressed:

    Twitter: @97Vercetti

    Which is your fav? Let me know in the comments below!