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People Are Sharing The Unwritten Rules Of Life, And A Lot Of People Don't Follow Them

The "shopping cart theory" is very true.

Last month, I wrote a post about people sharing their "unwritten rules" of life. Our BuzzFeed Community also responded in the comments with a bunch of super-useful tidbits we all should listen to.

An older woman and a younger woman embracing as they sit on a stoop
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Here's what they said:

1. "When jaywalking and someone stops or slows down to let you cross, don’t walk slowly, don’t meander, hurry the hell up and get out of their way ASAP."


2. "When getting off an escalator, don’t stop to see where you are going. There are people behind you. Keep it moving."


3. "Don't hold a door open when I'm not even close to reaching it. Like, thanks for doing it at all, I suppose, but I walk slowly due to pain in my legs, so I hate feeling like I have to rush and put myself through extra pain to reach the door being held open for me because I think that if I don't, I'll look rude. I'd rather you just keep walking and leave the door to close than make me hurry."


4. "If a public restroom isn’t crowded, do not take a stall/urinal immediately next to one that is occupied."


Two people standing at urinals with space in between
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5. "As a smoker, I hate when other smokers just stand in doorways without a care in the world for who walks through it. Keep that shit away from people."


6. "Left is to pass. Left is to pass. Left is to pass. If you cruise in the left lane to 'pass,' the other vehicle going around barely 1 mph above their speed, you are a douche. If you don’t comprehend that left is to pass, especially on the expressway, you are 100% the cause for traffic jams."


7. "When you walk into a store, don’t stop at the entrance, while trying to remember what you came to buy. You’re blocking the entrance!"


8. "Stop leaving multi-car–sized gaps in front of your car when you stop at a red light. I'm not talking about when someone doesn't block a business driveway, i.e., gas stations. I mean the random gaps of bullshit people do for no damn reason at all. This actually keeps cars that pull out of those businesses with staggered gaps in front of them. Stop imitating dumb shit you've seen."


Several cars on the road at night
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9. "Fully stop at stop signs, especially in neighborhoods when you are turning right. Even if there are no cars coming, there are still kids who may be around."


10. "If you have a huge-ass order to fill, park your damn car and go INSIDE. People in the drive-thru are 90% of the time in a hurry and only have so much time to spend."


11. "The shopping cart theory — it basically states that a person’s 'goodness' can be determined by if they return the cart once you have finished using it. Returning the cart is the right thing to do, and a relatively easy task, but no one forces you to do it. It is an often used test in judging someone’s character."


A person pushing a shopping cart filled with groceries in a parking lot
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12. "If you are making a right turn and there is no red light or anything else impeding you from you turning, then you DO NOT need to come to a complete stop before making the turn."


13. "Please shower daily. I'm absolutely not talking about people with illnesses/disabilities or lack of access. It's not just for you — it's for your coworkers (or partners or children) who have NOT gone nose blind to your scent. I've got the nose of a bloodhound, and 'stale' absolutely is a smell."


14. "If you see your server or bartender at a restaurant talking to another table, it’s just common courtesy to wait for them to finish. You’d be amazed how many times we hear, 'Excuse me, miss?' while we’re greeting or taking another table's order. I didn’t think that rule would ever have to be said."


A waiter looking at their iPad
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15. "If you have to regularly borrow an item, just buy your own. It's not fair to wear out someone else's quicker and for free."


16. "People at a concert, sporting event, movie talking amongst themselves, holding loud conversations, like they are sitting at home on the couch, oblivious that they are in public and there are people all around them that want to see and enjoy the event and their rudeness are so distracting. Happens everywhere, all the time."


17. "If you see a woman alone, LEAVE HER ALONE. Full stop."


Did they miss anything? What unwritten rule do you believe everyone should follow?

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.