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    Andy Cohen Just Encountered His First Batch Of Daddy-Shamers And He Shut It Down

    "Stand down."

    You've probably seen that Andy Cohen recently became a father to an adorable little boy named Benjamin.

    Well on Friday, Andy Cohen posted a bunch of Instagram stories with his dog, Wacha.

    In the story, he jokes with his dog about eating his son's stuffed Torah, saying, "Did you just eat my son’s stuffed Torah that the Rabbi gave him Wacha? And now you’re exhausted?”

    "Did you want to explain to my son what you did?" he jokes again. "And what do I tell the Rabbi?"

    Not long afterwards, Andy said that his Instagram was getting "flooded with DMs," and that he's got a "big problem" on his hands because the dog is jealous of his son. Like???


    Don't worry, Andy shut them down. "Wacha didn’t know that the Torah toy — we’re talking about a Torah toy — belonged to the baby. He just had his eye on a purple fucking toy and he wanted to rip it apart. It’s not that deep. Stand down. Everything’s fine in the West Village."

    "Hey, I’ve been a dad for 12 days. People are judgy as fuck — we gotta be careful." So true. And so annoying that people are so judgmental. Let Andy be! Bye!

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