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    Tyra Banks Addressed Past Problematic "America's Next Top Model" Moments And People Have Mixed Reactions

    "Those were some really off choices."

    Now that all episodes of America's Next Top Model are available on Hulu, people have been bingeing the show and been a lot more critical.

    The mega-popular series had some super problematic moments, like when there was a "biracial"-themed photoshoot in Cycle 13.

    Or when Tyra literally had Chelsey's gap widened in Cycle 15.

    Later that cycle, a sexual assault survivor was forced to do a commercial with a man after disclosing her trauma with Jay Manuel.

    People rewatching the show took to Twitter to criticize Tyra:

    we don’t talk about how toxic Tyra Banks was in ANTM. she’d make a girl get a buzz cut after her hair is down her back from growing it out since she was 9, just to send her home in the 5th week and get mad when the girls didn’t cry when they got eliminated 😭😭

    Growing up is realising that Tyra Banks was the villain and not Naomi

    Tyra saw the backlash and tweeted on Friday that she agrees with the criticism.

    Been seeing the posts about the insensitivity of some past ANTM moments and I agree with you. Looking back, those were some really off choices. Appreciate your honest feedback and am sending so much love and virtual hugs. ❤️

    But a lot of people weren't satisfied with the "apology," insinuating that it's vague and disingenuous.

    @tyrabanks Say more about this. Which choices were off? What was off about them? Mere acknowledgement and genuine apology are not the same thing

    @tyrabanks this....... is simply not enough. you really crushed numerous girls spirits playing with lives like it was sims.

    Tyra said “yeah I was wildin but you guys are absolutely not getting an apology” LMAO

    Others defended Tyra.

    @tyrabanks It was a different time Tyra when people weren’t offended by everything. Big of you to even acknowledge it. I think the big issue of our current times is cancel culture. How about we focus on that?

    @nabstacks @tyrabanks y'all: I WANT AN APOLOGY 😤 person: *apologizes* y'all: NO, NOT LIKE THAT!

    @tyrabanks You launched one of the most diverse television shows in history. Representation has always mattered to you, and we see that, too. We appreciate you. 💕

    Tell me your thoughts on this situation — the moments, the apology, the backlash of it all. Let me know in the comments below.