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    There Are 18 Types Of People Of The COVID-19 Pandemic

    You know one or are one of these.

    We're all quarantining right now because of the coronavirus, which means most of us — minus the celebs living in their mansions right now — are in the same boat. We're seeing the same types of people online — some of them are good, some of them are bad, and some of them are just out of control.


    Here are the types we've all seen/witnessed/hated/loved:

    1. The friend who's sure they've had COVID-19, beat it, and is now OK — probably:

    your friend who thinks they already had it, maybe

    2. The person who thinks it's a hoax:

    3. The friend who doesn't social distance and will post get-togethers on social media:

    Here are some rules for social distancing that a lot of people don’t seem to grasp: 1. DON’T GO TO YOUR FRIENDS HOUSE. PERIOD. That means you can’t have board game nights even if you’re sat at other ends of the table. No coffee dates. Don’t get together to sing some tunes.

    4. Or the roommate who is taking it much less seriously than you:

    I told my roommates I didn’t want people over because I’m at risk 🙃🙃

    5. The person doing the absolute most with what they have in quarantine:

    Someone in my running group ran a marathon in his driveway. All 26.2. I would literally go insane.

    6. And even making things happen that seemed impossible:

    7. The person/people telling you what to do with YOUR money:

    The check ain’t even come yet & LLC twitter tryna tell folks how to spend it... Please... Give it up deelishis 💀

    8. The couple who's quarantining together and is perfect:

    Quarantine couldn’t stop date night 😉

    9. The self-barber:

    not a joke, my clippers just died

    10. The person with the most extra face mask:

    Starting a thread of the dumbest novelty facemasks, reply with the worst ones you see

    11. The person who is altering the Zoom background to something outrageous:

    Today I made a Zoom background of myself accidentally walking in on myself in a Zoom meeting.

    12. The people who finally downloaded TikTok:

    13. And the people who shame them (!!!):

    People who refuse to download TikTok think they have a PhD in maturity

    14. The adults who are awkwardly quarantined with their parents:

    Me quarantined with my parents watching sex scenes. Take me now, COVID. #QuaratineLife

    15. The people who are randomly, like, chefs??

    Friends on Instagram: “Here’s a quick dinner I whipped up using just what I had on hand already. It’s a kale and truffle soufflé with crumbled wild boar sausage.” Me: *squirts mustard on an ice cube, eats it*

    16. Or yogees:

    Morning yoga done. Getting the hang of this stay home lark.

    17. The people spending their stimulus check on dumb stuff:

    spending that $1200 was easy af

    18. And lastly, the people who are doing their best to still spread kindness:

    My elderly neighbor is self-isolating. So the neighbor kids are playing her a cello concert from her patio.

    Friends canceled their son’s Bar Mitzvah this weekend but decided to keep the contract with their caterer, a tiny Hmong-owned business. They delivered the food to friends in quarantine & sent pans home with others. Grateful for stories like this and for community in a bleak time.

    Did I miss any "types" of people? Let me know in the comments below. And stay safe <3