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    17 Hilarious And On-Point Reactions/Tweets/Memes To "Bad Vegan" On Netflix

    SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you're like me, you dove right into the batshit bonkers show Bad Vegan on Netflix this weekend. The limited series followed NYC restaurateur, Sarma Melngailis, and her tumultuous, bizarre, and toxic relationship with a man named Anthony Strangis, who said he could make her dog immortal, among other things.

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    Because of how wild the premise is, Twitter had a field day with the show. Here are some of the best memes, reactions, and jokes about Bad Vegan:


    Bad Vegan on @netflix is insane but probably the most disturbing is Sarma’s decision to unironically wear pig tails

    Twitter: @mindykaling


    Me watching this Bad Vegan doc on Netflix #BadVegan

    Twitter: @slaygrlslay / Via CW


    Watched The Tinder Swindler a few weeks back, now watching Bad Vegan. The most puzzling thing is why do these women just give these men their money? Is this a thing you do if you have money? I would never give a man money. If the cashier at the store is a man I simply do not pay.

    Twitter: @jamietunkel


    Whose eggplant do I have to suck to play the Bad Vegan lady in the lifetime movie

    Twitter: @WhitneyCummings


    “no, i wouldn’t say i was on the run. i just went by the name emma, avoided officers, covered my identifiable tattoo, and left the state. is that a crime?” #BadVegan

    Twitter: @capri__crossing / Via BBC


    I’m losing my empathy with every minute watching this show #badvegan. Zero accountability, full victim mode, absolutely delusional, blaming it all on him?? No, honey. This you, too.

    Twitter: @brain_sand_ / Via ABC


    You left your home, travelled multiple states, changed your name, covered identifying tattoos, stopped answering the phone and never wanted police involved as it would be “game over” but she didnt think she was on the run…#BadVegan

    Twitter: @TheSilentPanda2


    The first time you tell me you’re a secret agent… #BadVegan

    Twitter: @BurnaGirlMo / Via ABC


    So we watched this woman play victim while putting her family, employees, & dog though hell only to find out that she is still talking to this motherfucker!!?? I have no words #BadVegan

    Twitter: @SWD1161 / Via Bravo


    Am I the only one watching “Bad Vegan” thinking… the *second* that man asked me to wire him money, I woulda been… #badvegannetflix #badvegan

    Twitter: @hehawaiiau / Via


    Me, the first time a man asks me for money: #BadVegan

    Twitter: @happyhappywho


    I watched the tinder swindler and bad vegan on Netflix. No clue where these guys are finding these women that’ll give them millions of dollars. I asked my wife to pass the mashed potatoes last night and she told me to go fuck myself.

    Twitter: @SamuelJComroe


    I am usually on the side of the victim, but the fact that she still doesn't take any accountability for the lives she destroyed of the people working for her and still talking to that idiot.... Damn! I am out.... #BadVegan #badvegannetflix

    Twitter: @oanairinalal / Via NBA


    “Bad Vegan” literally saw “Tinder Swindler” and said hold my beer rookie. #BadVegan

    Twitter: @Calhoun_County_ / Via Bravo


    Bad Vegan and Tinder Swindler as back to back docs is insane, the white girlies are down bad. You transferred your man who told you he would make your dog immortal $1.7 million dollars???!!!!?????? #BadVegan

    Twitter: @emmzk_ / Via Bravo


    Me when the docuseries basically said: "Viewer, there was no Will" and faded the actor off screen #BadVegan

    Twitter: @mo_saara


    Twitter: @stefuhnee

    What did YOU think of Bad Vegan? Let me know in the comments below!