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    Twitter Introduced Its "Fleets" Feature, And The Gays Are All Making The Same Jokes

    A very 2020 feature.

    On Tuesday, Twitter released its new feature, "Fleets," which is basically its version of Instagram Stories, aka posts that disappear in 24 hours.

    That thing you didn’t Tweet but wanted to but didn’t but got so close but then were like nah. We have a place for that now—Fleets! Rolling out to everyone starting today.

    And FYI, "fleet" is a brand of enemas.

    A blue enema

    Also, gays sometimes use enemas to prepare for sex, so, of course, the name of the new Twitter feature became a pretty funny meme. Here are some of the best tweets:



    The gay who told jack dorsey to call twitter stories fleets


    some of y’all like “omg i hate fleets” yeah we know 😐


    what gay at the twitter hq told them to call it fleets


    Twitter exec: can we call them Twitter stories or will Instagram sue? Gay intern: we should just call them fleets Exec: you’re so right that’s genius Intern:


    all of gay twitter making the same joke about fleets like y’all aren’t already planning the roll out strategy for your nudes


    whichever gay decided to call them fleets perfectly captured how chaotic they would be on a site like twitter compared to instagram



    I know I’m a t*p cause I had no idea why gays were laughing about “fleets”


    My gay ass seeing y’all talking about fleets on the timeline


    Now what Twitter gay employee(s) convinced Jack and all the big heads in the company to name Twitter Stories as “Fleets”????


    fleets...fleet...enema...enigma! Stream Enigma by Lady Gaga 😊


    The gays are having a Kiki about this new feature miss fleets


    Gays doing Gays doing actual fleets Twitter fleets

    Well, yup. Happy fleeting!