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    22 Tweets To Send To Your Sibling NOW

    Having a sibling is the best and the worst.

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    1. The hostile texts:

    “what’s it like having a sister?”

    2. This all-too-familiar yell:

    *me and my siblings start fighting* my dad from a different room:

    3. The grade-A trolling:

    4. It's just too good:

    My brother got suspended from the bus. So I had to take him home for almost two weeks. 😂😂

    5. The sibling shade:

    6. The drunken moments:

    my sister finally drank after 9 months of being pregnant and this is what happens😭😂😭 I am crying

    7. The parental bias:

    When your sibling washes one plate and your parents praise them, but you clean the house, cut the grass, and build an extension with your bare hands and all you get is a “that’s what you’re supposed to do”

    8. And the special treatment:

    9. This unforgivable offense:

    10. The stark contrast:

    11. The pettiness:

    12. The pranking:

    HAHAHAHA my brother thinks I'm bringing a snake home to prank him 😂

    13. The petty snap:

    After I see 12 missed calls from my Mum, my sister sends me this...

    14. The dramatics:

    When you touch your little brother and he acts like you broke his f*cking arm!!!!!

    15. The mooching:

    When the youngest sibling hears you opening any kind of food wrapping

    16. The calm before the storm:

    me trying to stop myself from killing my younger sibling

    17. The rowdy rivalry:

    Who the fuck let my sisters get a job together

    18. The scamming:

    Trying to figure out which drink has less in it so you can give it to your sibling.

    Twitter: @saadiqbalwaryah

    19. The constant confusion:

    20. The betrayal:

    when you tell your sibling you’re going to shower and then you hear the faucet running

    21. The let downs:

    When you tell your sibling to go ask your parents for something and you say “don’t tell them I said it” and they go ask and they say your name...

    22. But above all, the loyalty:

    Me: *fights and cusses sibling everyday* Anyone else: *lightly brushes sibling* Me:

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