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    22 Things That Are, Like, 1000000% Millennial Culture

    So accurate, I can't even.

    Being a millennial is obviously a really ~interesting~ experience. As members of the best generation (don't @ me), we often share the same problems and experiences. Here's what people have been saying defines "millennial culture."


    millennial culture is texting your mom “what TIME was i born?”


    Millennial culture is literally feeling guilty any time you spend not working.


    Millennial culture is daydreaming how much you'd help your friends if you were ever to get rich.


    Millennial culture is sending blank snap streaks so people know you're depressed


    Millennial culture is communicating across 4 different messaging platforms but having a heart attack if someone unexpectedly calls


    Millennial culture is getting a basket instead of a cart


    Millennial culture is crying over the severity of your student debt while your baby boomer parents tell you it’s your fault and things were so much harder when they were kids.


    The love child of peak capitalism and millennial culture


    millennial culture is replying to your roommate's tweet while you're lying in the dark across the hall from each other, putting on the facade that you're trying to sleep


    I feel like having to take out an emergency loan for your dog is peak millennial culture.


    Millennial culture is only getting serotonin from implusively dying your hair


    millennial culture is shamelessly plugging in your phone to charge wherever you go


    millennial culture is drinking a 16 oz redbull and immediately laying down


    Millennial culture is always have your camera on selfie mode.


    millennial culture is group texting each other "are we going to hang out tonight" & nobody commits but u all still keep texting each other all night


    Millennial culture is not announcing you in a relationship until you’re pregnant


    Millennial culture is clamoring for a rose gold iPhone only to purchase a phone case right after to cover up all the rose gold metal part


    millennial culture is giving up on browsing zillow to go build your dream home with your husband in minecraft


    Millennial culture is stressing over a $50 purchase.


    asking for ur friends address like u haven’t been to their home a million times is millennial culture


    millennial culture is just passing around the same $20 to whoever needs it at the time forever


    millennial culture is being jealous of sleeping beauty, not because of the prince and true love, but because she got to sleep

    Do you agree? Oh, and Gen Z'ers, what defines "Gen Z culture"? Let me know in the comments below?