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    12 Times Celebrities Clapped Back Or Threw Shade This Week

    "Suck my dick ASSHOLE." — Nicki Minaj to a critic

    1. Rihanna shaded Helena Bonham Carter's dress:

    2. Miley Cyrus shaded Stefano Gabbana, who called Selena Gomez "ugly":

    3. Carly Aquilino posted this shady screenshot following her ex Pete Davidson getting engaged to Ariana Grande.

    4. Busy Phillips clapped back at someone who thought Health magazine photoshopped her moles:

    5. Neil Patrick Harris shaded Rachel Bloom, who was hosting the Tony Awards...

    6. ...and she clapped back:

    7. And Robert De Niro shaded/called out Donald Trump at the Tony's:

    Here's video of DeNiro swearing at Trump on #TonyAwards Australian feed didnt censor it.

    8. And not sure if this is shade, clapping back, or both, but Amy Poehler was not here for this fluff interview from The Hollywood Reporter:

    Amy Poehler was named one of the 40 most powerful people in comedy and her answers to these questions are genius: (Also before you bust me out- I realize my battery is on 4%)

    9. Zedd shaded Diplo by replying to this tweet about him:

    10. And Diplo clapped right back with a threat:

    11. Even Hillary Clinton threw some shade this week:

    12. And finally, Nicki Minaj clapped back at someone who criticized her: