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    12 Times Ariana Grande Read People Like A Fuckin' Book

    Queen of callouts.

    1. When she called out radio hosts for this question:

    Power 106 / Via

    2. And then called them out again for saying the unicorn emoji is for girls:

    Power 106 / Via

    3. When she called out another radio host for dissing Leona Lewis:

    The Edge 96.1 / Via
    The Edge 96.1 / Via

    4. And when she called out this guy for being a double creep:

    5. When she called out Bette Midler in the classiest way after she shaded her:

    6. When she called out a Mac Miller fan who objectified her:

    7. And when she called out the people who praise male celebs for being sexy and criticize female celebs:

    "If you’re going to rave about how sexy a male artist looks with his shirt off, and a woman decides to get in her panties or show her boobies for a photo shoot, she needs to be treated with the same awe and admiration. I will say it until I’m an old-ass lady with my tits out at Whole Foods. I’ll be in the produce aisle, naked at 95, with a sensible ponytail, one strand of hair left on my head and a Chanel bow. Mark my words." — Ariana Grande in Billboard magazine

    8. And this person, who criticized her video:

    9. When she wasn't here for being told what to do:

    10. When she put Ryan Seacrest in his place for prying about her relationship with Mac Miller:

    On Air With Ryan Seacest / Via

    11. When she called out lip-synchers at Jingle Ball (right after Selena Gomez was caught lipping earlier in the night):

    12. And finally, when she put this person in their place for body-shaming her, with a powerful message:

    here we go again.... Sure I'm not the only 1 feeling this way today!! in case you need a reminder, you're beautiful🌬

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