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    12 Adults Who Are High-Key Struggling To Live In A Millennial World

    "HELP! Who is that person clapping above?" —A grandma, talking about a GIF

    1. This grandmother was bombarded by a GIF:

    2. This dad had no clue that his side-eye would become a meme:

    You ever check twitter and realize your fucking father has turned into a meme?

    3. And this dad had no appreciation for memes:

    My dad didn’t like any of my favorite memes.

    4. This mom doesn't get "smut photos" and their importance:

    5. This grandpa believed this Facebook post was real:

    So my Grandpa just shared this on Facebook, and I’m about 90% sure he doesn’t realize it’s just lunch meat on the dog’s face

    6. And remember when Ted Cruz's official Twitter liked sex tweets and didn't realize people could see:

    7. This mom didn't get Insta art:

    8. This grandma posted this on Facebook, not realizing how often people troll:

    My grandma reposted this on Facebook... she doesn’t realize the picture is from Tropic Thunder 😂😂😂

    9. This mom made a meme and didn't put her name on it:

    10. And this grandma didn't save her granddaughter's contact:

    My poor sweet grandma doesn’t realize that she has my phone number because she is texting me...

    11. This mother tried to floss:

    So my mom doesn’t quit understand how to floss yet.

    12. This dad didn't understand his daughter's face was cropped (he thought she shaved her head):

    my dad thought i shaved my head and asked me about it then sent me an apology video

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